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I'm Tabitha, the yin to my sister Gladys yang. I adore my sister Gladys, and can often be found in her company curled up with her in bed having her enjoy doing my hair for me or just kittening on like we do.

I am a super sweet pretty girl that just wants love and affection, often sneaking in under the bed covers for a nice toasty cuddle. I would say I'm mellow, chilled out gal & not much bothers me. My foster mums tell me how pretty I am all the time. I have lovely eyes apparently …… shaped like almonds? Humans say some interesting things.

I do have a wee habit of nibbling fingers. This can be stopped by redirecting my attention or covering your hands. I may not be suitable for young children who cannot communicate this to me but hopefully I will grow out of my nibble phase anyway! It is not an aggressive thing, just love nibbles. Pretty sure one of the other taught me this game.

I get along with my other foster friends and don't try to start any disagreements. I'm much more passive than my sister (as I give a quick eye roll) and will play happily by myself, but I do love a good game of chasey with the other kittens and exploring cardboard box villages full of toys that set my imagination free.

I could warm up any resident cats or kitten happy to invite me into the fold. I have been around some super cool dogs so if you have the kitten loving kind, we just may be buddies in no time. A slow introduction will be a must if you already have any pets, and my foster carer can talk you through that. That is the lovely thing about being a GAR girl. They have got my back forever and will support me and you all the way as we settle into our happy ever after together.

I am ready for love now the question is, are you?

Tabitha is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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