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American Bulldog

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This sweet lady is Tasha and she is a massive dork, she loves to sleep, eat and then sleep some more!

 She has come a long way since coming into care. She was easily startled, had no manners and not much enthusiasm for life. She can still be a little timid with sudden movements but now knows no one will hurt her so there is no need to flinch. Her foster mum has been working on helping improve her manners. Tash now knows not to run out an open door or try to open a door to run away, she knows to wait until her foster mum says it’s okay to go out. She has also learnt to sit (she will sit about 95% of the time now), wait, wait for her food, leave it (still working on it), on your bed, is crate trained and is slowly, very slowly getting better at recall. It is important for Tash to keep working on her recall because she will run if spooked and won’t come back once she’s going.

We have been working on lots of positive experiences for Tashy to help bring her out of her shell. It’s taken a few weeks but she is really showing off her true personality now and she is the goofiest, dorkiest but cutest dog ever! She loves to gallop and pounce around with her doggy foster brother, she head butts him, nibbles his ears and smacks him with her paw. She sometimes doesn’t realise she is larger in size and can come off slightly intimidating to smaller dogs, this can upset them and Tash doesn’t realise it upsets them and will keep pushing for play. Her forever home would need a large doggy friend that loves to play rough and can tolerate her weird play style.

Before Tash came into GAR’s care, she was in the pound for just over 2 months, while she was there, she had some lumps removed from her back and also had her hips x-rayed. Her lumps were sent off for testing and all came back benign. One of her hip bones sits just slightly out of place in the socket, this causes her no issues. She can still walk, run and pounce around like any other dog can. The vet did advise to start on some natural joint supplements just to help as she gets older, she will be prone to arthritis in her hips and back legs like most large breeds are.

Tash is sweet girl, fairly low maintenance, she enjoys a slow walk and a long nap. She would do best in a quiet home with no kids under the age of 10, young children make her a little anxious. Her forever home would ideally have another large dog friend, no cats, no young kids, a nice area for her to sunbake and a comfy bed to nap in.

Tashy is desexed, microchipped and kept up to date with her vaccinations, flea and worming treatments

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