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Hey! My name is Taz and I am an 8 year old Maltese.
My foster humans describe me as a happy, forgetful, loveable little guy who always has a smile on my face.
My foster humans are always having a giggle at my expense while I try to work out how mirrors and windows work, I often walk into the windows when trying to get through the door.
Despite always having my head in the clouds my foster humans think I am so sweet and adorable.
I currently live with other small doggos, I get long with them as I am not phased. I don’t like to share my food, I politely tell the others to go away with a growl but I have never hurt them.
I also live with some cats, I am unsure of them, they scare me so I avoid them.
I love being around my foster humans and take the term lap dog very literal, I will get comfortable on your lap and throw your hand up to pat me with my nose.
I know that I’m selling myself pretty well but I do need to tell you a few very important things about me. I have a grade 3 heart murmur that requires ongoing medication, my new human will need to ensure they can give me my medication twice a day and afford the ongoing cost of this medication Due to my heart murmur I do get buggered pretty quickly so long walks aren’t really for me.
I am excited for my second chance if you think you could be it please put in an application.
Taz is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatment.

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