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Microchip #:

Hello prospective family. I am a female tabby cat with a white muzzle, lower jaw, and neck. I moved in with my current foster family when I was 29 weeks old along with my foster brother Quirin. We've been together for months now, I'm the boss.
I love to play and climb as high as I can, I am not afraid of heights. I am so good at climbing; I can run and jump, grabbing on to your clothes so that I can climb up you to sit like a parrot on your shoulder. I also climb fly screens, but I'm yet to damage anything.
If I'm in the room when you're eating I will jump on your lap. I think people are rude to not share their food with me but I have been lucky on occasions and been given little treats of rice and plain chicken (shredded), and grilled blue grenadier which is delicious. I don't yet have any concept of staying off the table so my last foster mum just doesn't have me around while she's eating.
I will be your best buddy for typing at the computer or writing; I like to type and grab your hand as you use that mouse (funny looking mouse though). I'll mess with your sheets of paper, I'm a real cat's cat. I love to watch you cook and clean but I am not sure about that vacuum cleaner. Really I just love to be part of your family and everything you do. If you want kisses I have all the cat kisses, I'm extra smoochy.
I like children, the youngest I've met was 3 and they were nice and gentle when they played with me. I've socialized with kittens from two litters besides my own as we all got used to each other within about a week. By which I mean they gave me my space or I told them a few choice phrases in hiss. So what I'm wondering is: do you have a household that needs a kitten (or two) to be complete? My foster brother Quirin and I would love to become your companions for life. My life that is, and I'm hoping to make it to 20 years old.

Tiffany is desexed, microchipped, and up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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