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Hello prospective family. I am a 7 month old, female tabby cat with a white muzzle, lower jaw, and neck. I moved in with my foster family when I was 5 months old along with my foster brother Billy. We've been together for months now, I'm the boss.

I love to play and climb as high as I can, I am not afraid of heights. I am so good at climbing; I can run and jump, grabbing on to your clothes so that I can climb up you to sit like a parrot on your shoulder.

I came into foster care when I was 5 months old along with my foster brother Billy. We are super friendly with each other. I would do well to be adopted by someone who has time to spend with me, or is willing to adopt my foster brother Billy also, or perhaps someone who already has one sociable cat to keep me company. Otherwise I will just have to talk to you and oh my gosh I have so much to say. I am very sociable and friendly. I may not be a tiny kitten but I love to play like a kitten. I’m very inquisitive about everything and I just love kisses and cuddles.

I like children, the youngest I've met was 3 and they were nice and gentle when they played with me. I've socialized with kittens, cats and dogs. So what I'm wondering is: do you have a household that needs a kitten (or two) to be complete? My foster brother Billy and I would love to become your companions for life.

I've always been an indoor cat and I am litter trained.

Betty is desexed, microchipped, and up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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