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Well hello there! I'm Tortellini, AKA, Mr. Busy Body, Mr. Nosey, Mr. Curious, Mr. Not For You Tortie and all round cutie pie!

I move with stealth under my beautiful, camouflage patterned coat - like a cat burglar in the night . You go about your routine getting things out of the pantry, moving things about, thinking you've been unseen… then, SURPRISE!!!! Tortellini is there! I love to watch what people do, I have to get my nose and whiskers into everything. My foster mum says… “Tortie, you know they say, curiosity killed the cat" - then she picks me up and moves me out of the way- but I bounce right back into her business and say, "TA DA!!!! But persistence brought me back." She must love it, because she laughs and gives me a kiss and a scratch, every time.

I am very serious about nap time and look for the warmest, most snuggly place I can find. I like to crawl into laps, under blankets and squish up along side my kitten and doggy pals.

There's paws and tails galore in my house and that's how I like it. Everyone seems to enjoy my company and I do a fabulous job of overseeing what they're all up to. I'm definitely a kitty who is looking to share my home with some other furry pals. I’m currently living with my sister, Macaroni and my foster brother Stuart. They’re both super fun, we chase each other, boop and bat until we drop! So if you’re looking for 2 kittens, why not check out one of them as well?

I'm cheeky, playful and very snuggly with my foster mum, I really would fit in just about any home.

Tortellini is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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