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Hi my name is Trixie and I am a happy little tripod cat. That’s right, I only have 3 legs.

Let me tell you the story... I gave birth in the pound to my own kittens and then came into GAR so that someone could take me into their home and care for me as I had a very sore leg. Turns out, the vet thinks I was hit by a car when I was young and my leg never grew. The solution? Amputation.

I was very brave throughout the whole ordeal and never got upset with my foster mum even when she knew I was in pain. It has been 8 months since I’ve had my surgery and I’m used to having 3 legs now.

When I’m not hopping around following my foster mum I am waiting for her to come home from work, so I can follow her. I love being picked up and cuddled and I will stretch my arms up your leg so you will want to pick me up (it works every time). I love giving kisses and using my scratching post and I’ve gotten used to using my kitty litter on 3 legs although sometimes I miss so I will need an undercover litter.

I am looking for a slow paced, quiet home to relax, watch the birds out the window, find hiding spots, do zoomies at 10pm and most of all be loved. I don’t care if you go to work all day, I’ll be snoozing in my bed anyway.

I need to be the only pet in the household as I once lived on the streets, I struggle to let other cats be my friend because I think everything in the house is mine including my foster mum.

I hope you give me a chance to meet you and show you how great I am, I might be shy when you first meet me but it won’t last.

Trixie is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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