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American Staffy

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Hi, my name is Viktor and I am a 6 year old male American Staffy. I may look tough but I am a real softy. I am a really good boy at home and have impeccable manners. I wait patiently until I am allowed to eat my dinner, I ask before getting up on the sofa (unless my blanket is already up there then I know it’s fair game) and I wait at the door when it is time for a walk. I would never dream of going potty in the house and am very gentle when taking treats. I also don’t dig unless I find something smelly on the beach and I’m generally very quiet.

I am a very anxious dog and I have found that burning off some of this energy really helps me. I need at least two walks a day, one of which off lead where I can do my fav things like chasing balls and sticks! I enjoy travelling in the car and sit quietly in the middle back seat so I can see peer through the windscreen and see where we are off to. I am used to being involved in everything my foster family does and am very rarely on my own (especially now that they are working from home). Like all dogs, I don’t like spending lots of time alone and it is important that my new family are with me as much as possible. I am happy to be left for short periods though and will just chill out until my family is home. I will thrive in a calm household. I can be quite anxious around strangers so it is important that I am introduced to new people in a calm manner. I cannot go to a family with young children.

I walk well on the lead although I have been known to pull when I am excited. I have excellent off lead obedience. I used to be very reactive to other dogs but I have calmed down a lot. I can be with other dogs off lead if we are introduced properly and if they are extremely calm (and always under the supervision of my foster parents). I still react to other dogs running up to me or dogs that are too excitable, so my foster family find nice quiet areas for me to play where there aren’t too many other animals. Because of my history, I need to be the only pet at home.

There are a few other things you should know about me. I have a very sensitive tummy so I can’t have too many different treats and I need to eat the same food everyday (my favourite thing in the world is boiled chicken!). I also have seasonal allergies that make me sore and very itchy! I have the occasional Cytopoint injection to keep these allergies at bay. Speaking of injections, I also need Cartrophen injections every 6 weeks to keep my joints functioning well. I have had a number of operations (two TPLOs, an ulna osteotomy and two surgeries for elbow dysplasia) which means I am very prone to arthritis. I have quite the medical history!

My ideal family has lots of love (I’m a fan of cuddles) and time to give and a large garden for me to play in. Boy, do I love to play! I am really quite strong and like to play rough so I’m best around older children only (small children make me anxious). I would love my new family to be active as I love getting out and about! I adore playing in water and have recently learnt that I can swim! I also love playing fetch and have got very good at it! I’m just a fun-loving guy!

Viktor is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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