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Hi, my name's Wilbur!

I've been in foster care since I was around 8 weeks old and I'd like to describe myself as a tiny pocket rocket who is full of energy and curiosity. If I see my foster fur sisters watching something or getting into mischief, I must join!

I absolutely adore snuggling up with my foster dad whilst he plays games, cuddling with my foster mum in bed and purring until my heart is content. Funnily enough though, I do not appreciate being picked up and will definitely notify you of this.

I really love my food, especially wet pouches and uh... I get really vocal at feeding time... My foster parents describe the sounds I make as screeching... Although they do promise this sound has greatly improved since first coming into care and is starting to turn into a really loud meow!

I also love soaking up the sunshine during the afternoon, pats, chin scratches, thoroughly enjoy playing with my toys (I'll play with almost anything) and chasing my foster fur sisters around the house.

My foster parents thinks I would suit a range of different families as I'm very playful and highly energetic however I do have a tendency to play a little rough. They say a home with older children could be ideal as I have not been tested with younger children but I'm willing to try!

I also haven't been tested with dogs but would definitely suit a home with another cat!

My foster parents would like to inform you that I've been known to have toileting incidents in the past but they believe I have grown out of this behaviour. They also think it could be because I'm super fussy and always require a clean litter tray!

So that's me! I can't wait to meet my forever family soon!
Wilbur is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.



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