Willow and Pixel

Willow and Pixel 

GAR1471 & 1472




3 Year(s) 3 Month(s)





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Hi everyone, our names are Willow and Pixel!  We’re family - mum and son. We’d love to introduce ourselves to you.

Willow - I’m a 3 year old blue, domestic short-haired cat.  I’m a gentle-souled, sweet, curious girl, who is timid around strangers, and just need time to learn that I can trust someone new.  I’m quite an independent girl - I’m content to snooze in a warm spot, or entertain myself by playing with my favourite toys, playing hide and seek with Pixel, or by chasing dancing lights and shadows around the house - I’m convinced that I’ll catch them some day!  That said, once I accept you as my family, I’ll give you little trills, and approach you for pats, chin scratches and head boops.  Although I’m not keen on being picked-up / carried around, I love to sit near or on my human’s lap on cool evenings, and enjoy sitting and quietly watching what my humans are doing.

Pixel - I’m a 2 year old, black (with a white ‘bowtie’), domestic short-haired cat.  I’m an independent boy, who is cheeky, full of character, playful, and will give you a lot of laughs - in part because while I think I’m a puma, my foster Mum tells me that I can be a little clumsy!  I also have a superpower - I can hear you opening a cheese container a mile off (I adore it as an occasional treat!). I’m very timid around strangers, and will need time to learn that I can trust someone new, but once I realise I can trust you, I’ll even come up to you and roll on my side to ask for a back and tummy pat and a good chin and neck scratch.  Although I’m not fond of being picked-up / carried around, I will curl up next to, or on my human’s lap on cool evenings, and gently purr.

We’re indoor cats, who have had access to a cat enclosure outdoors - to keep us safe.  We love lying in sunny patches around the house, hiding and snoozing in our cat hammock, perching high on our cat tree watching the activity outside, and are both very inquisitive - leave a cupboard door open too long, and we’ll be in there, investigating!!

Our foster Mum says that we’re very timid in new environments, so will need an understanding, caring person, who is willing to give us the time we need to realise we’re safe.  We’re easy to care for, and our foster Mum says it’s perfect that we can entertain each other, and keep each other company when our human family are out and about.

Our ideal home would be a caring, relatively calm household - single person, couple, or retirees.  We would feel overwhelmed and scared in a loud, boisterous household, or in a home with young children.

Willow and Pixel are litter trained, de-sexed, and up-to-date with vaccinations and annual vet checks.

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