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Jack Russell Terrier

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Hello! My name is Winnie. I am a 3-year-old Jack Russel Terrior, full of lots of love and a little sass!

I have come from a home with lots of big dogs and am currently part of a home with 3 dogs and a cat! I have slotted well into a home with lots of dogs and understand where I am in the pack, although sometimes i can throw a bit of sass to my brothers and sisters when I feel like it. So if I am part of a home with another dog, they may have to let me be the boss sometimes. Though I am a very sweet and playful girl, I can get a little sassy when I feel like it. With other dogs I like I roll over and show my belly, but sometimes I like to tell other doggos to back off. I give great cues or growls to say "hey, back off my human!" or "it's time to leave me alone now" that can be paid attention to. Though I have been part of a home with a cat, I don't know if I trust them just yet, so I think I would be more comfortable going to a dog friendly home only, no cats allowed please.

I love to play chasey with my friends around the house so another doggo who is a similar age and size would be great to play with. However, I think I'd be just fine on my own with regular walks and visits to the park to say hi to other doggos.

I am great with basic commands of sit and stay, I love to play fetch and run really fast! In fact, as soon as we go outside of the house I'm ready to go. I have a tendency to pull on the lead and am learning basic etiquette of lead walking so I will need some practice and encouragement of how to do this (or I'd be great on your regular runs with you! I bet I could beat you!)

I will need to go to a home with a secure fence and no ability to escape. I consider myself a great escape artist, now you see me, now you don't! I have a history of finding my way out of backyards, so it would be great for my safety to have a secure backyard. I haven't been part of a house with children present, they may not understand my growls to leave me alone sometimes so I would prefer to go to a home without young children present. High school children who are happy to play fetch with me (and maybe sneak me into their bed for a cuddle), however, could quite easily become my best friends.

I do have a tendency to worry and miss my humans when they leave the house and can find a way to look out the window to try and find them or wait for them to come home. I can pace the house when I'm not sure where I belong or where my space is (or when I think that maybe you might invite me into the bed to sleep), so I have been working on my crate training and this has helped me to understand where my space is, have a good night sleep and worry less. A home that is willing to continue my crate training may help me to reduce me worrying about you leaving the house if you need to or someone home often would be perfect for me.

I promise to forever be your best friend, ultimate lap dog, great cuddle buddy and the perfect addition to your family!

Winnie is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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