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Bull Arab X

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Hello world, my name is Winston and I’m ready and waiting for my forever home!

I didn’t have the best start to life. When I arrived into care with GAR I was underweight, and my legs were bowed due to poor nutrition. I immediately started on a premium puppy food diet and over the last 5 weeks my legs have pretty much corrected. I had X-rays as a precaution and the specialist says my growth plates are normal and they expect that with continued good nutrition I will have no long term issues. My forever home will need to keep up my premium puppy diet until I am at least 12 months old.

I have been in foster care with cats and dogs. One of the cats beats me up if I get too rough and the other one wants to play so I find it a bit confusing on what is right. If I’m to be adopted into a home with a cat it will need to be one who is confident with dogs so it will correct me if I get too boisterous. The other dogs in my foster home are playful with me and tolerant but will tell me off if I get too annoying which has been good to help me learn some boundaries. This is still ongoing so potential families with other dogs will need to make sure to keep up my socialisation in this area.

I am crate trained and sleep in one each night. I don’t have any accidents in my crate, and haven’t had one inside for quite some time, but my foster family are sure to take me out regularly. My new family will need to continue this to make sure this toilet training thing sticks!
I’m a great sleeper. Like really great. I can go to bed at 9pm and sleep all the way until 7am with no accidents. If you take me out for a toilet break I will happily go back to sleep snuggling with you! My foster family say I’m a super snuggler. I want to be snuggled up on the couch or bed with you if you will let me!

I am smart. I know sit, down and on your bed. I like food very much so training me is easy!

It’s predicted I will be at least 30kg or larger when fully grown so potential adopters should be prepared for me to grow into a big strong boy. For this reason training will be very important and my foster Mum would like me to go to a family who is prepared for this.

My ideal home is one with another dog, or with humans who are home more often than not. I have never been left on my own without another dog and my Foster Mum thinks I would be lonely because I’m a very social boy.

I am desexed, microchipped and up to date with vaccines, flea and worm treatments.

Note: I will require my final vaccines at 17 weeks so my new family will need to take me to my new regular vet clinic to have these when they are due.

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