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Chi X JT

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Hi my name is Zane and I’m a 6 yo chi x jrt. I’m a loveable pocket rocket and enjoy zooming around my foster siblings.

Zane came in to care as he had become a tripping hazard to his owner and was then living outside with another dog. Due to this, he is very skittish around people when he doesn’t know them, especially being handled and putting a leash on. Once he gets to know you, he is the most loyal little dog and would love nothing better than to sit as close to you as possible, at all times. He follows you around like a shadow, and is a great little pillow on the couch when you’re watching TV.

He is not toilet trained due to living outside but is improving; he will need a home that can continue teaching him. He sleeps in a crate in the bedroom at night and can hold it overnight.

Zane has not previously had much structure in his life, but in his foster home has a steady routine consisting of food, walks and attention through which he is flourishing. He is good with small and big dogs, once he gets to know and spends some time with them. He loves playing ball and is learning how to drop it.

He has previously been around primary school age children, and would be fine in a home with them, although probably not toddlers, as he does jump a bit and could knock them over. He is also very good in a car and will lie down nicely in his bed.

Zane will ideally go to a home with another dog to keep him company, he can happily spend time outside when his owner is at work with company. So long as he gets attention when his owner comes up he’ll be ecstatic, and would love to keep sleeping inside in his crate.

He would also be suited to an older person who is looking for a loyal companion, as he is very affectionate and looking for his person to love. He walks well on the lead and is learning how to sit and stay.

Zane will definitely require further training to ensure his routine and structure is maintained.

He is a beautiful little boy who is eagerly awaiting his forever home.

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