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Brindle Terrier X

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Hi I'm Ziggy. I'm a happy little girl looking forward to my fourth birthday next January. Apparently I am a Staffy cross some kind of terrier. But, apart from my distinctive brindle colouring, I look nothing like a staffy. I'm very small and have a slight build, weighing about 7kg.

My favourite thing is hugs and cuddles. I just adore human company and am always excited to meet people. Meeting dogs- not so much, but see below for more on that. When people meet me, they often say how cute I am. I wag my tail and look adoringly into their eyes in return. I sometimes try to jump up into their arms. Although small, I am very agile and am used to jumping up into my foster parents arms. It seems some people get a surprise when I do this so I'm learning to restrain myself.

I am house trained and well behaved. I like to be near my foster parents when I can. When given permission, I love to hop up on their lap and snuggle there. Other times, I'll just lay in my bed while they go about their business, or I'll lie nearby under a table, chair or other convenient piece of furniture. I know I'm not allowed to get up on the furniture. However sometimes I do try to sneak up onto a chair. But when I'm caught I take myself to my bed.

I love going for walks and when I hear the word “walk” my ears prick up and I get very excited. I am used to walking on lead and usually don't pull, unless there is a rabbit or kangaroo to chase. But who can blame me for that!? If I do see something to chase, a quick tug on my lead pulls me up. I am way too small to compete with the strength of my foster parents. Sometimes I get to run off lead. But only in very controlled environments. I do know to come when called but my foster parents are afraid I might chase after an interesting scent and get lost. Maybe they're right.

While I don't love being left at home, I can entertain myself in my back yard. I spend a fair bit of time surveying the neighbourhood looking for interesting things like people walking by. I sometimes chase moths or flies. Birds are worth looking at and sometimes I'll try to chase them. But always I keep alert so that I don't miss my foster parents if they come back. Cos hanging out with people is my favourite thing. I spend a lot of time managing my supply of bones, pigs ears etc. I find a good spot then bury them, find them again, chew on them a bit then find another spot. I don't actually dig holes. I just push a bit of mulch and dirt aside to create a hidey spot. My foster parents are happy since I don't damage the garden. They seem quite amused by my efforts.

In general I am not a big fan of playing games. Occasionally, I will chase and fetch a ball but I don't keep at it for long, preferring to see if I can get a cuddle or a belly scratch. There is just one game that gets me super excited. Playing with the hose. Well not the hose itself, but the stream of water that comes out. I try so hard to bite it but it's quite difficult and frustrating. I finish up very wet and its heaps of fun.

While Ziggy loves people she has issues with other dogs (or cats). She has previously lived with another (very passive) dog, but seems much happier in a one dog household. She is quite anxious when she sees dogs that she doesn't know, seems scared of most and becomes reactive towards them. At her worst she growls, barks and tries to lunge aggressively. As she is so small, physically restraining her isn't difficult but vigilance is required when other dogs are around. Particularly if an off-lead dog rushes at her.

Walking with Ziggy is very enjoyable but a stress-free experience requires appropriate locations where she can be kept away from other dogs.

Ziggy can entertain herself for periods. However she much prefers human company and would struggle if left alone for long periods every day. She is not at all destructive but has been known to use a plant or two as a spot to nap.

It's time to find Ziggy her forever home. She will flourish in a loving home where she is an integral part of the family. She loves children but her exuberant affection means care is required with toddlers. She will require regular exercise and attention. In return you will be rewarded with a fun, affectionate and loyal pet.

Zigg​y is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and up to date with flea and worm treatments.

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