New tap machines

Our amazing friends at Edge Geelong are rocking one of our new tap machines!
Thank you guys for joining the GAR fam and helping to save those that need us most.

Each machine is preset to receive $2 donations with the tap of a credit card.
A single machine could save as many as 20 lives per year!

If your business would like to get on board with a GAR TAP machine, please email us at
• All you need to do is Plug it in and turn it on; that’s it!
• No wifi needed. There is an in-built sim card in the machine.
• The only cost to you is electricity. GAR pays for the machines.

Thank you from the bottom of our heart!

GAR has recently received a donation of $5000 from an amazing couple to go towards Sasha’s medical expenses. This donation will help her immensely! Here is a lovely letter written by Sasha’s guardian angles ?

‘Recently, in the waiting room of a specialist eye clinic for animals, we met a carer from GAR. With her was a young dog with a serious eye problem. On chatting we found out that this dog had only just come into foster care. The carer demonstrated such kindness and a quiet confidence in settling the distressed pup on a blanket as she filled out the necessary paperwork. We were just so impressed. Later on I googled the GAR website and saw what great things this organization has already achieved. From this experience, my partner and I were inspired to ‘do our bit’. Knowing just how much it takes to care for a sick animal we decided to donate money and intend to do so again. We feel it is the least we can do to help these wonderful people who take animals into their homes and do their very best to help them to heal, be rehoused and have the life they deserve. Thanks GAR. ‘

Can you help GAR find homes for these ‘long termers?

Please spread the word far and wide….so GAR volunteers can finally find these felines their forever homes.
For further information on each of these potential purr partners, click here: