What do I need to do?

Plug it in and turn it on; that’s it!
Each machine is preset to receive $2 donations with the tap of a credit card.

Do I need wifi?

No. There is an in-built sim card in the machine.

How will I know if it’s successful?

The goal is an average of 3-4 taps per day ($6 - $8).
Successful taps are instantly uploaded to a TAP cloud which is accessed by the GAR treasurer.
The treasurer can establish if the destination is a good fit for animal rescue fans within 7 -14 days.
TAP machine success is largely determined by volume of foot traffic.

How much money will a successful placement generate?

Each year, in the correct-fit locations, each machine could generate between $2 000 - $3 000.
A single machine could save as many as 20 lives per year!

What happens if the trial is not successful?

A GAR representative will collect the TAP machine.

How much does a machine cost?

The only cost to you is electricity.

GAR pays for the machines. Each machine costs approx $650, so we must take good care of them!

This is a one off cost to GAR.

There is also a fee of $10 per month for the sim card that processes each donation which is paid by GAR.

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