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Lab X Kelpie

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Hi, my name is Ash!

I’m a 2 year old Labrador/Kelpie X. I’ve been with my foster owners for 6 weeks and I am all ready for my forever home!

I have never embarrassed myself by wetting or soiling in the house. I love being inside with everyone but only come in when asked. I love cuddles and tummy rubs. Walks are wonderful, but I can only do shorter 30 minutes as I get tired – not lazy at all.

Ash can be a little abrupt with other dogs, not vicious, but over zealous and protective. She needs some continued lead training but learns quickly. She is very obedient and learns commands easily, and she adores laying on her bed inside.

She likes her soft toys but does destroy them quickly leaving only the cloth to play with. She doesn’t know her own strength and can push a bit hard when trying to get close. Her tail wagging is like a whip. She stands on her back legs when she is curious and wants to see things, and that could frighten small children.

Overall a happy, well adjusted and loving dog who was too easy to foster.

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