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Elsie has been in GAR’s care for 6 months. She arrived heavily pregnant – sprung from death row in a Northern Victorian pound. A week later she gave birth to her kittens and did an awesome job raising them. She also fostered a newborn kitten raising her with her own two. All her babies are […]

GAR1471 & 1472
Willow and Pixel

*COMBINED PAIR* Hi everyone, our names are Willow and Pixel!  We’re family - mum and son. We’d love to introduce ourselves to you. Willow - I’m a 3 year old blue, domestic short-haired cat.  I’m a gentle-souled, sweet, curious girl, who is timid around strangers, and just need time to learn that I can trust someone […]


Hello Future Forever Home, My name is George, of House Ginger.  And like my royal namesake, I am a very regal boy.  I’m about 5 years old and spent my younger years growing up with some small humans, who I loved to hang out with. I can be a little shy to start with, but […]


Hi Everyone! My name is Buddy. I am a 1.5yr old, domestic short haired, black cat. Foster mummy and daddy call me quite the confident one! I want to be in the action all the time! But loud noises can still spook me a bit, as i’m still getting used to living in a new […]


Crunchie and Caramello are eight month old kittens with a unique journey so far. Please read the information we have on these kittens and consider whether you might be the special home for these special cats. Caramello and Crunchie can be adopted independently or together. Caramello and Crunchie came into care in January as 12 […]


Pleased to meet you! I’m Sophia and I just love my pats. I’m about 16 months old; I’ve spent 14 of those months in the pound before coming to live with my foster family. Mum says I’ve made amazing progress.  I still startle easily and I do need time to warm up to new humans […]


Jasmine (Jazz/Jazzy) is approx 19mths old. She is such a sweet girl and an easy family cat.  She loves the company of people and follows her foster family around the house. She does not like to be picked up and held for long periods of time, but she does not scratch, just wriggles herself free. […]


Lucy is a beautiful, affectionate 1 year old, female tabby cat. Small and petite, Lucy makes up for her size with attitude! Shes loves to share your food with you (or at least try to) and steal her foster sister's dinner. She has also been known to get into the pantry and snack on whatever […]


Hi my name is Skye, and I am looking for my forever family. I haven’t had a family of my very own for a very long time. I have good bathroom manners, impeccable table manners, like to know what’s going on around me and love, love love attention, the more the better. I will shower […]


Garfield has been in care with us for a couple of months, having suffered some major pelvis injuries beforehand. The amount of pain he was in was very sad to see but he only showed us love throughout his discomfort. Expecting to have a frightened  little man we got a gorgeous loving boy and of […]


Hi my name is Ella! I have been in care for many months now and I am now ready to find my forever home. I came in to care with my own four babies and I took care of my kittens and doted on them constantly even though I wasn’t too sure what I was […]


Hi! My name is Molly and I just turned 7 months old! I’m still only small and I still run around at lightning speed and play with anything that moves. My big brother Rocky has a hard time keeping up with me and my foster sisters barely know what to do with me sometimes, but […]


Hey! Hey you! Nice to meet you, my name is Ollie, I'm 7 years old and I weigh... 7kgs. So what can I tell you about me, I'm large and in charge, chunky yet funky. I moved into my foster home in March and I was very overwhelmed when I moved in, I took a […]


Hey Y’all. My name is Coco the great (ok...I may have added the ‘great’ bit myself) I’m pretty awesome though. Here are my good points - •    Cuddle bug •    Snuggly Lap cat •    Great with kids •    Terrific with other cats (although I deserve to be your favourite) •    Loves to sunbake •    Loves […]


Hello humans, my name is Herbie! You can call me Herbs. If you’re looking for an affectionate, in your face kinda guy, you’re in luck! I love head scratches and lots of interaction, mostly with adults but my feline foster brother and I are pretty chummy and playful too. I don’t mind cats, dogs or […]


Mouse is a small cat with a big personality. He's curious and interested in what you do, and makes a great companion and likes to hangout with you, especially in the bathroom (he loves to drink from the running tap and doesn't mind a bit of water on him). He still has his kitten playfulness, […]


Hi I’m Eve, I came into care with my mama and 3 siblings when we were very small. We had to travel a long way to come to our foster home. Since then, I’ve learnt a lot of new things like how to eat solid food, how to use a kitty litter, how to play […]

Cats below are no longer available for adoption


Señor Pablo, at your service. I’m a cheeky long-haired fella who’s only just finished my first trip around the sun and apparently I’m pretty big for my age! I’m a boisterous boy with curiosity to burn and I will explore every inch of your house whether you want me to or not. I’m a quiet […]


Hi, my name is Bean! It’s a bit of a funny name, but I’m a bit of a funny girl! When I first arrived to my foster home, I was very frightened and hid behind the washing machine for three whole days before I was ready to come out and meet my new humans. One […]


Are you or your cat looking for a sweet and gentle companion? Look no further! While you’re out or working Kite will entertain herself by diving through cat tunnels, pouncing on toys or snoozing in the sun. As long as she gets cuddles on the couch in the evening or a play session, she’s happy. […]

GAR1412 & 1413
Jinx & Trixie

Hi everyone, it's so nice to meet you! Our names are Trixie (female) and Jinx (male), two tiny, fun-loving kittens bursting with energy and big personalities. Our mum said we will definitely steal your hearts with our charming looks and lovable mannerisms. We came into foster care together at just a couple of months old […]


Hi my name is Timothy! I am still just a baby but I’m growing fast! I came into foster care when I was only 5-6 weeks old after being abandoned at a vet along with another kitten who is now my foster brother, Mikey. When I first arrived, I was still quite wobbly on my […]


Hi my name is Mikey! I am still just a baby but I’m growing fast! I came into foster care when I was only 4-5 weeks old after being abandoned at a vet along with another kitten who is now my foster brother, Timothy. When I first arrived, I was still quite wobbly on my […]


Crunchie and Caramello are eight month old kittens with a unique journey so far. Please read the information we have on these kittens and consider whether you might be the special home for these special cats. Caramello and Crunchie can be adopted independently or together. Caramello and Crunchie came into care in January as 12 […]


Hello there my name is muffin. I am a beautiful female grey DSH. I came into care as a 4wk old kitten with all the love and time my foster mum gave me and I am now all grown up, awaiting for my forever home. I have more energy then my sibling but still up […]


Hello there my name is daisy! I am a black female DSH. I am sweet little girl. I came into care as a little 3 week old kitten. A little girl like me knows what she wants, someone to play with and someone to cuddle. I love playing with my sibling and with my foster […]


Hi there my name is Oreo! I am a black with long white hairs all over with a smokie grey tail. I came into care at 4 weeks old and with the love from my foster mumma I have turned into a beautiful boy. I am a sweetheart; sometimes I wanna run and play with […]


Hi my name is Oscar I came into care as a little 4 week old kitten and the time and love from my foster mumma got me to where I am today. I am a loving little man and have got so much love to give. I love giving you cuddle, head bumps and showing […]


Frederick is the name, snuggling is my game. I’m a handsome traditional Siamese cat, right down to my fancy-pants markings, stocky little legs and my bright blue eyes. I’m a simple fella and I guess you could say I take a Garfield-like approach to life – love me, feed me, never leave me. I’m a […]


Hi there! My name is Lucy I am a 9 month old, domestic short haired, tabby. My foster humans say I am such a cruisy cat, I can be pretty independent throughout the day but if you're laying down I can’t resist a cuddle and pat. I have been in care since  I was just a […]


Hi, I’m Banksy! I am a curious, adventurous pocket rocket looking for my forever home! I love to explore, chase my toys and watch birds out the windows. The only things that scare me are the vacuum and the lawnmower. I behave well during the days when the humans are at work, but whenever there […]


Mac or Mick Mac, as he is affectionately known, is a real cutey. He is a 13 week old tabby who was born into Gar along with a brother and adopted sister (Morag). He has had the benefit of a feline mum and siblings to grow up with. He is now a cheeky 13 weeks. […]


Morag came to GAR as a tiny black ball of fur at just one or two days old. She was lucky to find a willing foster mum cat who had given birth to two kittens just two days ago. Mum puss willingly adopted this dear little girl and raised her with her own kittens. Morag […]


Verity has had an unfortunate start in life. She came to Gar at 3 weeks old along with 2 siblings. She was adopted but somehow managed to end up in a pound twice in a short time. She was not claimed the 2nd  time so GAR was able to bring her back into foster care. […]


Elsa is a pure white beauty with stunning blue eyes. She has the loudest purr when being petted and cuddled, she likes to be held in your arms on her back like a baby. Elsa is such a foodie... she is first in the kitchen when she hears any kind of food preparation. She is also very […]


Olaf is a beautiful pure white male kitten with hazel eyes. He is very cuddly and will relax to being all floppy when picked up. He likes to be cuddled in your arms on his back like a baby. Olaf is a people person and will follow anyone he can around his foster home, seeking for […]


Anna is a beautiful pure white girl with hazel eyes. She is very playful, inquisitive and adventurous. Anna has fun exploring cupboards and climbing on anything and everything, particularly the clean washing inside drying, she also loves to chase anything that moves. She would love a home with a large cat scratcher and climbing platforms. She is the […]


Hey I’m Isobel, but I like Izzy best. I was lost and luckily found by a lovely lady who took me to a big house with lots of other felines where I was sharing a room with a few others. Now I am staying at this posh place and have my very own bedroom with […]


Hello I’m Leo! I am not sure why I was surrendered but the family that have taken care of me for a long time have been wonderful but now it’s time for me to find my own forever home. I am the type of boy that likes to sit back and watch for a while. […]


Hi! My name is Rocky! I’ve only just turned the big 1! I love cuddles and push to spend any time I can by my humans side, whether it’s under the blankets with you at night or on your lap while you work. I love being held so I can cuddle on your chest or […]


Hi my name is Sarah! I am a beautiful tabby girl. I am a sweet natured girl but with a big personality. I love to go crazy with my sibling and other fosters, but if you find my sweet spot I will be yours. I love me a great head massage I will return the […]

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