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Hi there! I’m Gromit…like Wallace and Gromit! I live with my little brother Wallace who came into care with me. We had been abandoned at a house after the people who lived there moved out and didn’t take us with them, but a nice neighbour started feeding us. When we came into care, we were […]


Hey, I’m Wallace…like Wallace and Gromit! I live with my big brother Gromit who came into care with me. We had been abandoned at a house after the people who lived there moved out and didn’t take us with them, but a nice neighbour started feeding us. When we came into care, we were a […]


Hello, my name is Catniss. I'm what you would like to call the misfit of the family, I'm a little extra playful with my teeth and claws. My foster mummy says I'll grow out of it but I'll need lots of toys and activities to stimulate me. I'm also good at hiding but once I […]


Hello, my name is Cleocatra. Cleo for short, my favourite thing to do is to play, I would do best in a family with children and other pets. I'm a sweet little girl and just want to cuddle up to you. I am litter trained, and eating solids. Looking to cuddle up in my forever […]


Hello, my name is Alison. If it wasn't for our different genders you wouldn't be able to tell me and my brother, Doug apart. You could say we are twins My hobbies include chasing the broom, chasing after Christmas baubles and cuddling up in a nice cosy spot. I'm not as confident as my sister's, […]


Hello, my name is Lucipurr. I came into foster as an orphan at only 1-2 weeks of age. I was adopted by a mum and her litter of 5, where I fed onto mum after a week and my brother and sisters cuddled up to me and welcomed me into their fury family. You might […]

Abby Tabby

Hello, my name is Abby Tabby, Abby for short. I am the Alpha of the litter and definitely my mother's favourite child. But shhh don't tell the others. I am such a loving smoochy little girl, I love to come up to you for head rubs and will always jump up to sleep on your […]


My name is Summer and I’m as cute as a button. I’ve been in foster care with my four brothers and sisters since birth and have been loved and spoiled my whole life. Play time is my favourite thing! I would love a playful brother or sister to run around and wrestle with. I love […]


Hello, My name is Clawdia. I'm very young and still under 1 years old. I have so much love and affection to give and also very smoochy and enjoy pats. Even though I'm very affectionate, I prefer not to sleep on your bed, but don't worry I find other places that I can rest. I […]


Hi, I'm Skitz! I'm a big green eyed boy and you bet I'm the boss out of my 2 other siblings. We all came into GAR at a very young age and I'm now ready to meet my forever family! I live with my 2 other siblings and 2 resident cats so I'm very well […]


Hi I'm Louie! All though I did start out as Lou my foster family soon realised I was a boy and quickly extended my name! I'm a very chatty boy and love to talk to my humans and my siblings. I'm very curious and a bit cheeky, if you're not watching your plate I may […]


Hello! My name is Max but you may also call me Maximus, Maxwell, Maxy or my foster mum's favourite, Maxy Boy. I'm a young man, good looking (I mean, have you seen my soft tabby coat and pristine white socks?) and overly affectionate. You have your hand low enough to the ground? I'll smooch it! […]


Hank the Hunk – that’s my name. Don’t wear it out. I’m a spunky little dude with a cheeky personality.  I love to explore and play with absolutely everyone and everything. I am also a purr-master – all you have to do is pick me up, and off I go – and pro-snuggler. Are you […]


Hi my name is Pat. I am a DMH. I’m the biggest boy with lots of fur . I came into care as a little bean at 2 days old with my 5 siblings and my mum. We are super lucky to have landed ourselves a place with GAR. I am a big shy boy […]


Elsie has been in GAR’s care for 6 months. She arrived heavily pregnant – sprung from death row in a Northern Victorian pound. A week later she gave birth to her kittens and did an awesome job raising them. She also fostered a newborn kitten raising her with her own two. All her babies are […]

GAR1471 & 1472
Willow and Pixel

*COMBINED PAIR* Hi everyone, our names are Willow and Pixel!  We’re family - mum and son. We’d love to introduce ourselves to you. Willow - I’m a 3 year old blue, domestic short-haired cat.  I’m a gentle-souled, sweet, curious girl, who is timid around strangers, and just need time to learn that I can trust someone […]


Greetings. My name is George, of House Ginger.  Like my royal namesake, I am a regal boy, with a love of cuddles and play. I am about 5 years old and spent my younger years growing up with some small humans, who I adored. My current castle-mates include three adult cats, four kittens and two […]


Hey you! Yes yooou! Reading my all important biography!! Keep reading and i’ll tell you all about my fabulous self. You want a nosy bugger? Well I;m your man! I’ve gotta be in your business and wherever you don't want me all the time. (By wherever you don't want me, I mean that snacks on […]


Hi my name is Ella! I have been in care for many months now and I am now ready to find my forever home. I came in to care with my own four babies and I took care of my kittens and doted on them constantly even though I wasn’t too sure what I was […]


Hey! Hey you! Nice to meet you, my name is Ollie, I'm 7 years old and I weigh... 7kgs. So what can I tell you about me, I'm large and in charge, chunky yet funky. I moved into my foster home in March and I was very overwhelmed when I moved in, I took a […]


Hi I’m Eve, I came into care with my mama and 3 siblings when we were very small. We had to travel a long way to come to our foster home. Since then, I’ve learnt a lot of new things like how to eat solid food, how to use a kitty litter, how to play […]

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Hello, my name is Doug! I'm the largest of my litter and super fluffy, so when I get bigger I'll need daily brushes. I can be a bit timid at times, so being patient is a must. I love cuddles and pats and a good scratch under the chin. You will find me sleeping on […]


Hi I’m Oreo! I’m a super playful girl and I loooove snuggles. You’ll always be able to hear my loud purr to let you know I’m around. I came to GAR with my brothers and sister and have spent the last few weeks growing and playing with them, and my foster siblings.  You could say […]


I am a rose amongst the thorns.  In this case, my three brothers. I am one of four and the only one with a medium length coat. Queen bee, I definitely hold my own.  My foster mum calls me “Little Miss Independent.” I do like spending time with my siblings, snuggling together and playing rough […]


They say Lucifer is a fallen angel.  It’s true.  I often climb up and tumble down my cat tower.  I. Love. To. Play. And snuggle. And purr. And chase. And climb. And above all, I love love.  If I find my foster mum sitting down, I am usually the first of my siblings to climb […]


I am a sensitive soul.  The observer. Don’t get me wrong – I still love to play with my siblings and other resident pets – but I’m usually the first to settle down and find somewhere comfy for a nap. Usually it’s someone’s lap, or a cosy blanket. I came to GAR with my brothers […]


Hi my name is Poppet. I am a 2 year old DSH black and white girl. After having my babies on the street, lucky for me GAR saw me in the pound and I went to a safe home to raise my beautiful 5 babies. Now that all my babies have grown up now is […]


I’m Popcorn and I’m a 12 week old fluff ball. I came into care with my brother Peppi and we are typical brothers. We’re playful, energetic and cheeky! I love food and will try my best to eat anything I can possibly steal from you. I love a cuddle and will fall asleep anywhere there […]


I’m Peppi and I’m 12 weeks old. My brother Popcorn and I live with our foster mum and her kitty crew! I love to play and I love toys, I’m very protective over the baubles I pull off the Christmas tree. I will run as fast I can when I hear the food rattle, food […]


Hi my name is Pax! I am a 12 week old DSH with black the white fur. I came into care as a little bean at 2 days old with my 4 siblings and my mum. We are super lucky to have been saved by GAR and brought into foster care. I am a cheeky […]


Hi my name is Packer I am DSH black and white boy. I came into care as a little bean at 2 days old with my 5 siblings and my mum. We are super lucky to have landed in foster care with GAR. I am sweet little boy with white socks. I will follow you […]


Hi my name is Penny.  I am a 12 week old DSH. I came into care as a little bean at 2 days old with my 5 siblings and my mum. We are super lucky to have been rescued by GAR! I am a playful little girl with a whole lots of love to give. […]


Hi! My name's Princess, I am a 12 week old, DSH, black and white princess. I came into care as a little bean at 2 days old with my 5 Siblings and my mum. We are super lucky to have landed ourselves at GAR. I am the smallest in my family and perfect in every […]


Hi my name is Sausage, as in silly sausage! I have impeccable bathroom manners and I love food, all food, wet food, dry food, any food! I came to my foster family with sore paws and this means I’ll have to stay inside for the rest of my days, to make sure they stay healthy. […]


Oh, you must have clicked on my profile because of my purretty face. ... What’s that you’re doing? Downloading the application form? **claps paws together** Yep, M.I.N.N.I.E. Correct. Fill it out. Wonderful So, you know how, in every sibling bunch, there’s always one who is better looking than the rest? As you can see, I […]


Pippa is my name, mischief is my game. When my foster mumma picked me up, I put on the most convincing display of scared cutesy kitten. She cuddled me and told me she would care for my gentle, wary soul. Nek minit I’m all guns blazing cutting laps of her kitchen benches with military agility. […]


Hello human. I’m Franklin and I’m meant to be the alpha male of my litter. But I’m not. I’m a sensitive soul. I love a good cuddle and attention from my owners. My sisters beat me up. I’ve learnt to hold my own when they gang up on me. I love to play but mum […]


Hey there, I’m Remi and I may just be the cutest, sweetest little kitten my foster mumma has ever met. I am a bit of a mixed bag, I love a good snuggle, but on my own terms. I’ll curl up in your arms for a purr and a scratch, sometimes snuggling in for hours. […]


Hi future mum/dad. My name is Jerry, and’s not short for geriatric! Although...having said that, I am on the cusp of 13 years old. My owner moved away last year and was unable to take me, I was lucky enough to go into care with GAR which culminated with me being adopted. However, after […]


Hi, my name is Akuma! I’m a laid back, friendly giant looking for my forever home. After spending most of the year in the pound, I have settled into domestic life very well. Like a lot of rescue cats I can be a bit uncertain in new places; so when I move into my forever […]


Señor Pablo, at your service. I’m a cheeky long-haired fella who’s only just finished my first trip around the sun and apparently I’m pretty big for my age! I’m a boisterous boy with curiosity to burn and I will explore every inch of your house whether you want me to or not. I’m a quiet […]


Hi, my name is Bean! It’s a bit of a funny name, but I’m a bit of a funny girl! When I first arrived to my foster home, I was very frightened and hid behind the washing machine for three whole days before I was ready to come out and meet my new humans. One […]


Are you or your cat looking for a sweet and gentle companion? Look no further! While you’re out or working Kite will entertain herself by diving through cat tunnels, pouncing on toys or snoozing in the sun. As long as she gets cuddles on the couch in the evening or a play session, she’s happy. […]

GAR1412 & 1413
Jinx & Trixie

Hi everyone, it's so nice to meet you! Our names are Trixie (female) and Jinx (male), two tiny, fun-loving kittens bursting with energy and big personalities. Our mum said we will definitely steal your hearts with our charming looks and lovable mannerisms. We came into foster care together at just a couple of months old […]


Hi my name is Timothy! I am still just a baby but I’m growing fast! I came into foster care when I was only 5-6 weeks old after being abandoned at a vet along with another kitten who is now my foster brother, Mikey. When I first arrived, I was still quite wobbly on my […]

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