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Hi, I’m Buttercup! I may be young, but I’m actually quite mature for my age. I enjoy my alone time - curling up in a warm, cosy bed or sunbaking by the window is my idea of a perfect day. I’m not much of a lap cat, but I’m affectionate and do enjoy a pat […]


Hi my name is Jefferson, I'm the white sheep of the family I was found on the streets with my siblings at only a few days old. Luckily for us GAR came in and saved us. I'm all white beside a few black hairs and ginger part on my tail. I'm a sweet little man […]


Gwen is a lovely little lady who has an amazing purr and absolutely loves a cuddle and a chat. She is a fairly chilled out cat who is happy to sit and snuggle, either with you, on her own or with her foster brothers and sisters. Gwen’s ideal forever home would have another cat for […]

GAR1505 & 1504
Chanel & Chloe

Hi everyone! We are Chloe and Chanel. We’re sisters, best friends and partners in crime who ended up in foster care (through no fault of our own) as kittens. We are chalk and cheese – polar opposites in pretty much every single way. According to our foster mum, our differences are what makes us the […]


Hey, my name’s Mimmie! Who says females can’t pull off a tuxedo? I like to think that I look darn good in it. My previous owners couldn’t take me along with them when they moved so they left me in a pound. I lived there for slightly more than a year until GAR took me […]


This is Elsie! Elsie has been in care 13 months now. Since arriving from a northern pound heavily pregnant, she has raised her kittens and recovered from motherhood.  All kittens are now long since adopted, however Elsie remains in foster care in an outdoor enclosure. This has been her living quarters for some months as she […]

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Hi I’m Reggie, I came into GARs care at a very young age with my brothers and sister. Apparently my Mumma was drowned and I was living in a lawn catcher. When I first came into care, I was a very scared kitty. With loads of love, patience and cuddles I’m now a massive smoocher! […]


Hey there, I’m Alfie and super cute or so I’m told. I love to play with my brother and snuggle with my cat foster sister.  My foster mum says I’m not shy at all and would suit any household with kids or pets. I really enjoy the company of humans and siblings of the furry […]


Hi There! My name is Arnold and I’m looking for my furever home.  I’m super cute and adorable but very shy until I get to know you. Once I know you I will give you unconditional love and snuggles. My foster mum says I love food and after a meal I always sit on her […]


My foster mum would describe me as the middle child, I am rowdy and fast despite my cute little face, I’m very cheeky! I love to chase and run and play and climb and I’ll be gone before you have a chance to catch glimpse of me doing anything naughty. I’m the leader of my […]


Poppy is a beautiful 14 week old short haired tabby. She has been in care with her sister Nellie, and cane from a litter of 7. Poppy is easy going and quiet, however she is very active and loves to explore. Poppy is very inquisitive and spends her days playing with toys and another cat […]


Nellie is a beautiful 14 weeks old tabby. She is a little ball of fluff, and looks as though she will be medium haired. She has been in care with her sister Poppy, and came from a litter of 7. Nellie is a very snuggly girl and loves a good cuddle. Despite her petite size, […]


Hi I’m Archie and I’m 15 weeks old. I'm as sweet as I look. I am a sensitive little man who loves to be close to my humans. At first meeting, I may come off shy but I love to run and play once I’m comfortable in my environment. I love following around the big […]


Hi I’m Axel and I am 15 weeks old. I am a crazy little ball of energy who will provide endless entertainment. I love to play with my toys and my new human will need to provide me with a scratching post as I love to sharpen my claws on it. I am a very […]


Hi my name is Quentin and  I’m looking for my forever home! I have bundles of energy, love to run, explore and play with all my toys. I like being involved in everything you do and will always be by your side.  I love a cuddle and to snuggle right into you once I’ve settled down […]


Hi my name is James, I'm short haired black and white little man. My family was found on the street when I was a wee little bean and luckily for us GAR saved us and took us in. I'm a sweet little man and I love spending time playing and hanging out with my foster family. […]

Miss Moo

Hello there My name's Miss Moo. I'm a black and white DMH and around 2 years old.. I came into care with my 4 beautiful boys, who were all lucky enough to find ourselves in the warm comfy houses of one of GAR's foster carers. Now that my sons are all grown up I’m looking […]


Gertie is a super chill kitten who loves to snuggle with her humans and kitten siblings.  She also enjoys a good play date and tower climb.  As a fairly relaxed feline, she is content to snuggle up in a sunny spot and spend her afternoon with her sister.  Come play time, she can be a […]


Mabel is a smoochy and confident kitten who loves to play, climb and snuggle.  She is a big, big fan of food – be it cat food, or your dinner.  Sometimes she can be a little food possessive, though she is learning to share. Currently, she lives with her sister, Gertie, and seven other cats […]


Hi, my name's Wilbur! I've been in foster care since I was around 8 weeks old and I'd like to describe myself as a tiny pocket rocket who is full of energy and curiosity. If I see my foster fur sisters watching something or getting into mischief, I must join! I absolutely adore snuggling up […]


Hello, my name is Evie and I am looking for my forever family. I am a little timid at first but it doesn’t take long before I am asking for smooches and pats. My carers say I am very sweet, happy, affectionate and keep my room very clean. I currently live with my best friend […]


Hi everyone, As you have clicked on this page you must be looking for a special fur baby for your family and that would be me! My name is Oscar and I am very sweet, super affectionate and love to play especially chasing a red spot, I think they call it a laser, as well […]


Hi, I’m Pepper and I’m kind of a shy boy. I take a little while to warm up and I follow my siblings around a lot. I’ll come up on the couch and sit next to you, but it might take me a little while to be comfortable sitting in your lap. I take pride […]


Ronny is a smoochy gal, she loves getting into mischief and having a dig in her foster mums’ indoor plants. Luckily Ronny is very cute and will make it up to you with a cuddle and her loud purr. She is a very confident girl and she does not let much bother her at all, […]


Hi everyone, my name is Fern! I’m a funny little pocket rocket looking for a forever home! I was brought to GAR after being found on the streets with my two babies. I had done a wonderful job raising them (even though I am only a baby myself!) and we were ready to leave each […]


I'm a black bundle of mischief. Mum calls me Borry-Boy, but I find Boris fits my black persona better in more formal situations. I love to annoy the dog, wrestle my foster sisters and chew on my humans hair. I also enjoy eating double the recommended amount followed by spending an hour resting and digesting. […]


I'm Kathryn. Kate for short. I'm the sweetest, kindest, snuggliest tortie you'll ever meet. Foster mum picked me up from the packed pound, where I sat calmly waiting for someone to throw me a lifeline. I am a young cat, only about six months old, and I was worried I was going to be left […]


Hi, I’m Leela. I’m a curious kitty, and I absolutely love humans. I love to explore, and walk around, and watch the world go by. Then I love to cuddle up next to you while you rest. I’m happy to be independent, but I do love to rub up against you and purr. I have […]


Are you looking for a snuggle buddy? Then look no further than Alf!  He is a full-on little dude, who would much rather be with his humans than without. In fact, if you value your personal space, he’s not the cat for you. Think: cuddles when you’re on the couch, cuddles when you’re eating breakfast, […]


Hi my name is Trixie and I am a happy little tripod cat. That’s right, I only have 3 legs.   Let me tell you the story... I gave birth in the pound to my own kittens (UGH yuck, I am a kitten myself) and then came into GAR so that someone could take me into […]

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