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GAR2105 & 2106

Boris & Rishi *BONDED PAIR*

Hello there, prospective feline aficionado! We are Boris and Rishi, two peas in a pod, seeking a forever family to call our own. Allow us to paint a vivid picture of who we are and why we’d be the purrfect addition to your household! Firstly, meet Boris: Picture a majestic tabby cat, adorned with stripes […]



Everyone meet Charlie! Charlie can be shy at times with other humans but is constantly curious and wants to explore. She still likes to come up for a cuddle, but mostly on her own terms. That being said she is never far from you as she will follow you around the house before darting off […]


Selina Kyle

In the serene alleys of Meowropolis, there dwells a kitten of mysterious allure and quiet grace, known to all as Selina Kyle....or... Cat Woman. Selina's silken fur glimmers like moonlight and she exudes an air of elegance that captivates those around her. Unlike the boisterous antics of her fellow superheroes and supervillains, Selina Kyle is […]



Hi everyone! I'm Winnie and I am looking for my purrrrfect home. I am the smallest out of my brother and sister but definitely the cuddliest. I come across as shy at first, but once I am close to you I will come to for lots of pats and won’t stop purring for your attention. […]



Hey there, I'm Wiley! I currently live with my foster mum and 2 fur siblings, Wilbur and Winnie. My mum says I am the most mature out of my siblings and I show it by being the boss. I'm super playful with my siblings, but I'm also very independent at times and happy playing on […]



This adorable Tabby girl is Lottie! She is every bit as sweet as that gorgeous little face of hers. Her coat has a really amazing pattern too & if you look closely, you may find the number 23 etched into it’s design! Lottie was very shy & nervous when she first came into care and […]


Duke Fancypaws

Hey there, I'm Duke Fancypaws, but you can just call me Duke. I was born ready to pounce, with these fancy white paws that are just begging for some action. From the moment I wake up until the sun sets, I'm all about playtime. Whether it's swatting at toys or sitting up like a meerkat, […]



Everybody, meet Miso! Miso is a lovely, little lady who loves to cuddle up to you on the couch during the evenings, after spending the day happily entertaining herself. She loves head scratches and human contact and loves curling up anywhere warm and cozy. She's also really good at using her scratching pole (instead of […]



Hello everyone, I'm Millie! I am a super outgoing little girl! I love to explore every inch of the house and climb everywhere I can. I love playing with toys and running around after my foster parents. I'm able to entertain myself if you’re out for the day but I can’t wait for you to […]



Hello everyone, I’m Theodore. My foster mum named me for my cute chipmunk cheeks and shy but loving nature. I'm a 6 year old card carrying member of the scaredy cat society but please don’t hold that against me. I am very shy and scared of strangers and loud noises. I’ll probably be hiding under […]



Hello everyone! My name's Keira, I can’t wait to find my forever home! I am super affectionate and love to curl up with you on the bed at night. I love rubbing up against the walls, furniture, and your legs. Once I’m comfortable I will purr at everything and follow you around. If I don't […]

Cats below are no longer available for adoption




Hey there! I'm Pumpkin, the playful and affectionate grey tabby with a heart of gold! I'm a sociable young boy who adores the company of both humans (young or old) and other cats. Whether I'm chasing after toys, basking in the sunbeams, or cuddled up with my furry friends, I'm always ready for fun and […]




Sweet, playful, and oh-so-curious! Strawberry is a tiny bundle of joy, always ready for an adventure or a cuddle session. She loves to explore her surroundings, especially if it involves chasing after feather toys or pouncing on crinkly balls. Strawberry is looking for a loving forever home filled with warmth, laughter, and lots of love. […]




Hello everyone, meet Blossom! Blossom has an abundance of energy and loves to engage in playful activities throughout the day. Whether its chasing after feather toys, pouncing on jingling balls, or engaging in a game of hide-and-seek, she is always eager for fun and excitement. She is endlessly curious about her surroundings and loves to […]




To my future Forever Home, my name is Delilah although my foster fam also call me Lilah or Lilie. I’m a sweet and loving gal and an attention seeker with lots of love to give. I came into foster care with my two sisters Daphne and Dorothea. As much as I love playing with them, […]




To my future Forever Home, my name is Dorothea although my foster family also call me Thea. I’m a sweet and loving gal with lots of love to give. I came into foster care with my two sisters Daphne and Delilah. I do love to play with them but if going to my forever home […]




To my future Forever Home, my name is Daphne. I’m a gorgeous tabby girl with lots of love to give. I came into foster care with my two sisters, Dorothea and Delilah. As much as I love playing with them, I wouldn’t mind going to a home without them as I am quite the independent […]




Everyone meet Lola! Lola is a confident kitten who carries herself with style. She came out of her shell almost immediately in foster care, with a charismatic personality that's sure to win you over and mighty meow (especially as you plate her dinner) that will make you laugh out loud. She loves being close to […]



The Joker

In the bustling streets of Meowropolis, there roams a kitten of mischievous charm and boundless energy, known to all as The Joker. With a coat as soft as an angora bunny, he may fool you into believing he is an ordinary feline, but make no mistake – he's a supervillain in the making! Come nightfall, […]




Hi I’m Timothy! I would be the perfect addition to your family and here’s why! I love to hang out on the couch with you and will purr forever if you pat me! I love to talk to you when it’s meal time! I will rub along your legs to show how much I love […]




Hello, I'm Wilbur and I’m looking for my forever home! I'm a curious, super cuddly and playful lad. I currently live with my foster mum and 2 sisters, Winnie and Wiley. I love playing with them and have spent time with other cats while in foster care. I'm a very handsome boy and I know […]




Hi, my name is Aphrodite and I’m looking for my forever home. Can you help me? I’m #2 in the mythological trio, named after Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of Beauty. I sure live up to my name with my stunning facial markings! I came into foster care with my 2 smaller siblings at about 7 weeks […]




Hi, my name is Hades and I’m looking for my forever home. Can you help me? I’m #1 in the mythological trio, named after Hades, Greek God of the Underworld. Don’t let the name put you off though, I’m actually a super sweet and chill little dude! I was 1 of a litter of 8, […]




Hi, my name is Pluto and I’m looking for my forever home. Can you help me? I’m #5 in the planet kitten gang, and while science says I’m technically not a planet anymore, my foster mum thought it was a fitting name for the runt of the litter. While I may have been small to […]




Hi, my name is Jupiter and I’m looking for my forever home. Can you help me? I’m #4 in the planet kitten gang, and I share my name with the chief Roman God, Jupiter. Makes total sense because I am truly the superior being amongst my siblings. I’ve been with my foster mum since I […]




Hi, my name is Neptune and I’m looking for my forever home. Can you help me? I’m #3 in the planet kitten gang, and I am the boldest of the bunch! My main passions include play fighting with my siblings, zoomies, sneak attacks, and wrestling everything from siblings and toys to unsuspecting feet. I’ve been […]




Hi, my name is Mars and I’m looking for my forever home. Can you help me? I’m #2 in the planet kitten gang. Fun fact, the planet Mars was named after Mars, Roman God of War. Do what you want with that information, but I’ve been told the name suits me. I’ve been with my […]




Hi, my name is Venus and I’m looking for my forever home. Can you help me? I’m #1 in the planet kitten gang, and I share my name with Venus, Roman Goddess of Beauty and Victory, among other things. I take these things very seriously, spending a lot of my time grooming and getting my […]




Hello humans, my name is Lottie and I’m lovely! My foster family call me Little Lottie because I still have some growing to do. I’m a young little lady who’s had a difficult start to life which has made me a little nervous and jumpy. It has taken me several weeks to settle into my […]



Bruce Wayne

In the bustling city of Meowropolis, there lurks a feline of extraordinary abilities, known to the citizens as Bruce Wayne, but by night, he transforms into....The Caped Kitten Crusader. Meowropolis' own purrfect protector! By day, Bruce Wayne may seem like an ordinary kitten, but as soon as the sun sets, he dons his cape and […]




This beautiful little Tuxedo girl is Betty! Betty is a super sweet, super playful kitty & would fit easily into most households. Betty was quite shy when she came into care, but with time her confidence has grown in leaps and bounds. As soon as she felt comfortable in her environment, her quirky, loving personality […]




Every, meet Mickey! Mickey is a very friendly happy go lucky kitten, he's energetic, playful but still loves to relax. Mickey has been in foster care with his sibling who he's grown very fond of! A home with another cat would be ideal for him (or better yet, with his sibling!) Mickey loves to sleep […]




Everyone, meet Myrtle! ​ She is a very friendly and gentle lady. Loves being around her humans and purrs immediately when she's given attention. Myrtle has been in foster care with her siblings who she's grown very fond of! A home with another cat would be ideal for her (or better yet, with one of […]




Everyone meet Arabella! This photogenic lady is a gorgeous, petite tortie girl. Also described as miss independent by her foster mum! Arabella is very playful girl, and always listening ready to respond when you call her name. She loves to snuggle and enjoys being gently stroked and patted, rewarding you with her purring. While in […]



Baron Von Fluffington III

I present to you, Baron Von Fluffington III! I'm on the lookout for a quieter type of home where my majestic fluff can be appreciated to its fullest. At first glance, you might find me a bit reserved, I tend to be shy around new faces and loud noises. But don't let that fool you—I'm […]

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