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Baron Von Fluffington III

I present to you, Baron Von Fluffington III! I'm on the lookout for a quieter type of home where my majestic fluff can be appreciated to its fullest. At first glance, you might find me a bit reserved, I tend to be shy around new faces and loud noises. But don't let that fool you—I'm […]


Lord Purringham

Introducing Lord Purringham! Just one glance at me and my purr motor starts running like a finely-tuned engine. I'm all about love—cuddles, pats, snuggles—you name it, I crave it. And when it comes to food, well, let's just say I have a bit of a history with wearing my meals on my face, but it's […]


Princess Theadorable

Hi I'm Princess Theadorable, and my name says it all—I'm both adorable by name and nature! When you open the door I race to greet you, ready to shower you with affection. I absolutely adore pats and snuggles. You'll often find me cozied up next to you, soaking in all the love and attention you […]


Sir Whiskersworth

Hello there! I'm Sir Whiskersworth, the master of mischief and playtime fun! Life is just one big adventure, and I'm here to make every moment count. When you walk through that door, you can bet your whiskers I'll be there to greet you with a flurry of excitement and purrs. Pouncing and chasing are my […]



Everybody, meet Camilla! or Queen Camilla as we like to call her. She came to us with her two kittens, Boris and Rishi and has been the best mum to them. She's now enjoying some time to her self and is ready to find a home. She loves attention and a good scratch or pat. […]



Introducing Rishi! A delightful tabby boy with a striped coat and playful personalities. This little guy is looking for his forever home with lots of opportunities to play. Rishi is his cuddly sidekick, always eager for a cozy nap or a gentle petting session. He loves playing with his brother so would love to find […]



Introducing Boris! A delightful tabby boy with a striped coat and playful personalities. This little guy is looking for his forever home with lots of opportunities to play. Boris is a fearless explorer who loves chasing toys and climbing to new heights. He loves playing with his brother so would love to find a forever […]



Everyone meet Sammy! Sammy was born in GAR foster care along with four siblings. Sammy is always seeking out his human's company. He adores being cuddled and stroked, showing his appreciation with loud purring. He is a real people kitten and is ready to bond with his forever people. He will be a magnificent companion […]



Everyone meet Smokey! Smokey was born in GAR foster care along with four siblings. He's a stunningly handsome man with a quirky genetic tiny tail, same as his mother. This, along with his striking colour, gives him a unique and beautiful appearance. Smokey is a big physically strong boy. Being raised in a loving foster […]



Everyone meet Bobby! This guy is super sweet and lives for a snuggle. He loves to play with his foster siblings while in care. Bobby would be suited to most types of families as long as you have time for cuddles and affection for the sweet little guy! He's used to being around dogs and […]



Hi! Millie’s my name. I am a super outgoing little girl, nothing scares me! I love to explore every inch of the house and climb everywhere I can. I love playing with toys and running around after my foster parents. I’m looking for a family that can keep up with my energy levels and provide […]



Hi, my name is Myles I’m a sweet curious young boy and I can’t wait it meet my forever family! I’m a quiet kitten who loves to hide and play. You’ll find me wandering around the house playing with my toys or sleeping on a comfy bed. When you first meet me, I may be […]



Hello everyone, I’m Theodore. My foster mum named me for my cute chipmunk cheeks and shy but loving nature. I'm a 6 year old card carrying member of the scaredy cat society but please don’t hold that against me. I am very shy and scared of strangers and loud noises. I’ll probably be hiding under […]

GAR2065 + 2066


MJ - FEMALE - 10 YEARS OLD - MICROCHIP #956000005892055 DJ - FEMALE - 6 YEARS OLD - MICROCHIP # 956000006271709 The story of Jo and Jo now known as MJ - Molly Jo & DJ – Dolly Jo These girls are a bonded pair. That bonded they arrived with the same name. Both called […]



Hello everyone! My name's Keira, I can’t wait to find my forever home! I am super affectionate and love to curl up with you on the bed at night. I love rubbing up against the walls, furniture, and your legs. Once I’m comfortable I will purr at everything and follow you around. If I don't […]

Cats below are no longer available for adoption


GAR2116 + 2118

Mango & Maisie **BONDED PAIR**

Meet Mango and Maisie, the duo of your dreams! Mango may start out shy, but as he gets to know you, he'll slowly but surely blossom into your best friend! Mango is a self-entertaining kitten who's quite happy to have a little playtime with his toys or nap by himself. But don't let his independent […]




Everyone meet Fanta! Fanta is a gorgeous lady that due to the unfortunate loss of her owner, she has found her way to GAR. Fanta is a sweet, loving lady, looking for her forever home full of love! She takes a while to feel safe and comfortable, but once adjusted to her environment her true […]




Hello everyone! My name's Buddy, and I am looking for a loving and caring home to call my own! I came into foster care with my sister Holly, and my mum Candy. I was only a few weeks old, but I have grown a lot and now I’m ready to move into my forever home! […]




Hello everyone! My name's Holly, and I am looking for a loving and caring home to call my own! I came into foster care with my brother Buddy and my mum Candy. I was only a few weeks old but I have grown a lot and now I’m ready to move into my forever home! […]




Everyone meet Mia! Mia is a beautiful sweet kitty who loves to talk, she's always meowing trying to talk to everyone around her. She's very adventurous and loves to get up to no good with her brothers while in foster care. Mia loves a little snuggle she will curl up with you and purr all […]




This little purr machine is Matthias! He came into care with his mum and 5 other siblings. He has always been the biggest and sweetest of the litter.Matthias loves to cuddle and will make his way over to you purring the loudest he can and snuggle on your lap for a snooze or he won’t […]




Hello, my name is Mason, and I can’t wait to be part of your family! I'm very active, I love playing with toys and running around the house. I’m looking for a family that will give me lots of attention and provide me with lots of toys to play with. I'm able to entertain myself […]




Meet the sweetest little lady, Mama Leigh! Mama Leigh came into care with her 6 babies who she took fantastic care of. Although as they’ve gotten older she was over her role as mum and was very happy when she got time to relax on her own. All but 2 of her babies went to […]




Candy, DLH, 1.5yrs, female. Hellow humans! My name is Candy, named after a Candy Cane, and just like candy canes I’m super sweet! I am honestly one of the sweetest cats you’ll ever meet. I don’t like to boast, but I’m quite a pretty little lady too, as you can see from my photos. I […]




Hi, my name is George and I’m looking for my forever home. Can you help me? I’ve been in foster care since I was only a few days old after I was rescued with my siblings by a kind stranger. My foster mum says that I’m very sweet and snuggly, but she also said something […]




Hi Everyone, I’m Inej! I am currently on the search for my forever home. There's something super special about me, I’m a girl! Yes, that’s right, a ginger girl. That’s a super rate, only about 20% of ginger cats are female. I am super sweet and confident, but I do love to run the house. […]




Hello, my name is Wylan! I’m a sweet and cuddly little boy. I love to wrestle with my sister Inej and the other foster cats in the house. Although when I’m tired, I love to snuggle up right next to you. I enjoy climbing up the cat poles or anywhere I can smell food! I […]




Hi, I’m Peach! I am confident and outgoing, and have the cutest purr. I love cuddles and keeping you warm, but I also like my alone time. I am independent and can keep myself occupied. I am often seen sitting on the chair in the window chirping at the birds as they fly by. I […]




Meet the rare and gorgeous Alfie! This cat has an irresistible charm about him, and a very loving nature that will leave anyone absolutely smitten. Between his big eyes, soft coat, cuddly nature, very cute paws and even cuter head nudges, Alfie has the ability to make any home feel full of warmth and affection. […]




Hello, I'm Jupiter! I am an outgoing and affectionate bumbling ginger goofball who LOVES to be the center of attention. I'm very inquisitive and curious. I adore following you around, investigating your daily activities and be close by the action at all times. My favourite past-times include snoozing in the sink, chasing my foster fur […]



Elizabeth Taylor

Meet the enchanting Elizabeth Taylor. Just like the iconic actress, this cat exudes an irresistible charm and captivating allure that will leave you spellbound. With mesmerizing, expressive eyes that could rival the most famous violet gaze, this black beauty has an uncanny ability to draw you into her world. Elizabeth Taylor possesses an intriguing mix […]




Hello, I'm Daisy! My foster pawrents also like to call me Daisy Duke, Daisy Moo and their new favourite, Dumpling Daisy! I am a sweet and docile little girl, looking for my forever home. I love spending my days watching the world outside and am happy to do my own thing. I adore gentle pats, […]



Conrad Hilton Jnr

Do you find yourself wishing you could have a big cat (perhaps a leopard or lion) in your home but you're not sure how you could fit them in? Meet Conrad Hilton Jnr! Descended from the mountain lions, he is a big, imposing feline with tawny fur and piercing, amber eyes that exude confidence and […]



Richard Burton

Introducing our very own Richard Burton! A handsome boy with a personality as enchanting as his namesake. This gentle soul embodies the essence of sweetness making him the perfect companion for those seeking a furry friend to share quiet moments and cozy cuddles. Richard Burton is a shy and reserved fellow who may initially retreat […]




Hello everyone, my name is Macey, and I am on the hunt for a warm and cuddly place to call home. Can you help? I may be small in size, but I have a big heart. My personality is soft and sweet, and a little bit shy. But once I get to know you, I […]




Hi Everyone, I am Jasper! You may not think I look unique at first glance but wait until you see me! Then you will see I am missing my tail but don’t worry this does not affect me at all but in fact, it makes me very special. I am a very loving boy who […]




Meet Hugo! What Hugo lacks in unique looks he more than makes up for in his charming personality. Hugo is guaranteed to win everyone's heart, and at around 5 to 6 years old, he has plenty more love to give. Know someone who isn't fond of cats? Trust us, it's very likely they will like […]




Have you ever wondered if Mars is full of life?... Well, I can finally confirm, I sure am! Hi earthlings, I'm Mars and I'm looking for a place on Earth I can call home. I'm a mischievous, confident and energetic ginger cat who loves to play and I'm always ready to entertain you with my […]




Hi, my name is Arabella (aka mama’s baby girl). I’m quieter than my brother and will take a while to warm up to you but once I do, I’m incredibly sweet. I’m not as curious as my brother but I still want to see what you are doing and will follow you around the house. […]

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