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Hello everyone, I'm Thunder! I'm a very sweet, placid and smoochy boy who loves cuddles and will follow you anywhere. I'm not frightened of people and I'm very friendly and outgoing as soon as you meet me! All it takes is a pat and a cuddle and I'll have won your heart over. I have […]


This lovely lady is Lucy! Lucy loves a good smooch but is known to sometimes feel a bit unsettled and become a little bit of a grump, for this reason she's best suited to a home with no children and no other cats. Once Lucy has settled in and had some bonding time with her […]

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This is Willow! She's a striking, fluffy calico girl. She is a little timid with new people and situations, but would soon take over the running of your house. She loves to sit on her humans laps and knead their knees while purring. It's a funny trilling purr. Willow gets on well with other cats and […]


Hi I’m Lilly, I'm 4 months old but a petite little thing! I came into care and was very scared because I was all alone. I’ve learnt a lot of things at my foster home, like how to use the litter box and how to play with toys. I still question my ability to “cat” […]


Hi, I’m Tully! When I came into foster care, I had been looking after myself and my little sister on the streets, so I was very suspicious and fearful of humans. I never bite or scratch, but I still get very scared and run to a hiding place if someone tries to pat me or […]


Meet Nox, the house panther you never knew you needed. Nox came into care after being rescued from a school farm, where he was being looked after by school children (he’s pretty good with kids!).  He’s a snuggly boy, with a playful streak. He can be quite dominant to other cats, where he senses weakness.  […]


Meet Lumos!  The new light of your life. Lumos came into care after being rescued from a school farm, where he was being looked after by school children (he’s pretty good with kids!).  He’s a happy spirited little boy who loves to play and snuggle with his humans and fur-siblings alike.  He’s energetic and loves […]


Quinn is a friendly soul, who enjoys to play and climb and snuggle.  She’s a pretty chill little kitten, quite a bit smaller than her sister, Astrid – but filled with energy.  If she’s not with her humans, she’s often playing or snoozing with another fur-family member. Quinn came into care with her sister, Astrid.  […]


Astrid is a cuddly little baby, with the most placid nature.  She is such a cool customer, who doesn’t say no to being picked up and loved.  She’ll settle with her foster humans for lap cuddles (and lots of purrs), or up high in the cat tree so she can keep an eye on everything. […]


Hello, my name is Joey and I'm the sweetest little ginger you'll ever meet. I came into foster care really timid, but my true colours came out two weeks later. My foster mummy thinks I'm a stage 5 clinger because when I'm not playing with my brother I like to follow her around with cute […]


Hello my name is Oscar, I came in to foster care really timid. It has taken me a bit longer to trust my foster mummy. So I will need lots of cuddles and pats to trust extra humans. I am now a sweet little boy, and love head rubs, playing with toys and swiping your […]


Hi, I’m Alfie, I came into GAR's care at a very young age with my brothers and sister. Apparently my Mumma was drowned and I was living in a lawn catcher. When I first came into care, I was scared, but I wasn’t as scared as my brother, but took me a tiny bit of […]


Hi there, Meet raven! Raven came into care with her 4 kittens, that’s right this young girl is already a mum. Raven was underweight when she came into care. Raven is healthy now and she loves her food. She will continually eat if food is offered so she benefits from small portions throughout the day. […]


Hi, my name is Storm! I am often mistaken as a little man due to my cute little moustache, but I am a sassy girl kitty with lots of attitude. I love humans and take time outs from playing with my siblings to get some pats, you know I appreciate it when I start my […]


Meet Xavier. This courageous explorer isn’t afraid of the unknown, he was the first of the litter to explore the new surroundings and meet the residents dogs, he approached them and rubbed up on them. After he is done with exploring and playing with his siblings, he enjoys a pat and a cuddle as he […]


Hi there,  my name is Phoenix! My foster humans say I am a stunner because I have a lovely striped coat and beautiful eyes, just check me out in those model pictures there. When I can see my foster humans ignoring me through the glass I will paw at the window to get their attention, I […]


Meet Rogue! Rogue is a cute little ball of energy who loves playing with her siblings, chasing them and pouncing at the right times. Once she's finished playing she loves to cuddle up with her foster humans or their dogs. Rogue likes to spend her time strictly indoors where she's safe from the big wide […]


Lily came to GAR as a tiny 2 week old kitten. She was handed in as a stray, covered in mud and fleas shivering with cold. It took many warm baths to rid her of a rife flea infestation. Luckily, she is placid gentle natured girl. Lily ( Christmas Lily) responded well to bottle feeding […]


Hi, I’m Cricket and I’m kind of a shy girl and I’m small for my age. I am super vocal and ill follow you around just to sit at your feet and stare up at you.  I like to play but I’m more likely to watch my sisters from a far. I like to be […]


Velvet is a quiet girl; she loves getting into mischief with her foster sister Mushu and having a dig in her foster mums’ indoor plants. She is very cute and will make it up to you with her sweet little face. Velvet loves to play and wrestle with her sisters and will hear you from […]


Hi I’m Reggie, I came into GARs care at a very young age with my brothers and sister. Apparently my Mumma was drowned and I was living in a lawn catcher. When I first came into care, I was a very scared kitty. With loads of love, patience and cuddles I’m now a massive smoocher! […]


Hey there, I’m Alfie and super cute or so I’m told. I love to play with my brother and snuggle with my cat foster sister.  My foster mum says I’m not shy at all and would suit any household with kids or pets. I really enjoy the company of humans and siblings of the furry […]


Hi There! My name is Arnold and I’m looking for my furever home.  I’m super cute and adorable but very shy until I get to know you. Once I know you I will give you unconditional love and snuggles. My foster mum says I love food and after a meal I always sit on her […]


My foster mum would describe me as the middle child, I am rowdy and fast despite my cute little face, I’m very cheeky! I love to chase and run and play and climb and I’ll be gone before you have a chance to catch glimpse of me doing anything naughty. I’m the leader of my […]


Poppy is a beautiful 14 week old short haired tabby. She has been in care with her sister Nellie, and cane from a litter of 7. Poppy is easy going and quiet, however she is very active and loves to explore. Poppy is very inquisitive and spends her days playing with toys and another cat […]


Nellie is a beautiful 14 weeks old tabby. She is a little ball of fluff, and looks as though she will be medium haired. She has been in care with her sister Poppy, and came from a litter of 7. Nellie is a very snuggly girl and loves a good cuddle. Despite her petite size, […]

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