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Hello everyone! My name's Keira, I can’t wait to find my forever home! I've had an unfortunate run having had two families already due to no fault of my own, this has made me a bit timid when you first bring me home but within a week or two, I will come right out of […]



Meet Hugo! What Hugo lacks in unique looks he more than makes up for in his charming personality. Hugo is guaranteed to win everyone's heart, and at around 5 to 6 years old, he has plenty more love to give. Know someone who isn't fond of cats? Trust us, it's very likely they will like […]



Hello friends, my name is Coby and I’m looking for a special place to call home! My special place will need to be warm, cuddly, caring, and have a special interest in responding to my sweet meows. If you can speak meow then that’s a bonus because I love to talk! My foster family are […]



Hello my name is Simba and I can’t wait to be part of your family! I'm very active, I love playing with toys and running around the house - When I’m tired I love cuddling up and falling asleep on my foster mums lap. I’m looking for a family that will give me lots of […]

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Have you ever wondered if Mars is full of life?... Well, I can finally confirm, I sure am! Hi earthlings, I'm Mars and I'm looking for a place on Earth I can call home. I'm a mischievous, confident and energetic ginger cat who loves to play and I'm always ready to entertain you with my […]




Hi, my name is Arabella (aka mama’s baby girl). I’m quieter than my brother and will take a while to warm up to you but once I do, I’m incredibly sweet. I’m not as curious as my brother but I still want to see what you are doing and will follow you around the house. […]




Hi, my name is Alfie (aka "Alfie, no!", "Alfie, get down!" and mama’s little man). As you can probably tell I’m super curious and a wee bit naughty. I will want to check if you’ve cleaned my litter tray properly, that you’re teeth are brushed and what’s really behind the curtains. My foster mum calls […]




Hi, my name is Nala I’m a sweet curious young lady and I can’t wait it meet my forever family! I’m a quiet little kitten that loves to cuddle and play. You’ll find me wondering around the house playing with my toys or sleeping on your lap at your desk. I also will cuddle up […]




Howard (or Howie Meowie as he's better known) is a sweet boy that had a rough start to life, but he has put that behind him and now exudes enthusiasm in every aspect of his day. Howie Meowie is independent of his humans for much of the day, always around, but seldom on you. He […]




There's something special about Stuart! It's not something you can see in a photo or even describe but when you meet him you know, there's something special about Stuart. Stuart is a cool guy. He gets along with everyone both 4 legged and 2 and is not phased by whatever life throws at him. If […]




Everyone, meet Kiki! With her soft, velvet fur coat it's lucky Kiki is such a love bug because you never want to stop patting her. Kiki loves to be loved and wants to be the centre of your universe. When her person appears she locks eyes firmly on the target and charges head first into […]




Hi everyone, I’m Amelia! I’m a loving and outgoing little girl, I'd rather be playing with a friend but will have a snuggle with you when I'm tired and ready. I would best suit a family with another playful friend like me, I can be a little rough so my new friend would need to […]




Everyone, meet Tina! A big friendly hello, my name is Tina and I'm pretty amazing. I'm a confident lady and I know what I want - which most of the time is attention and food! When I'm given these, I will reward you with a delightfully loud and affectionate purr and cuddles beside you. I […]




Hi, I'm Frankie! I’m the talkative one of my brothers, which according to my humans is incredibly cute. I’m a little smaller than my brothers, but that doesn’t hold me back. I wrestle just as well as them. And when a dog came to visit, I was the only one not hiding away in a […]




Hello, I'm Dee! Don’t tell my brothers, but I’m probably the smartest one of us all - I’ve figure out how to move the food bowl away from my brothers and closer to me so I get most of the food at breakfast and dinner. My brothers and I are not materialistic cats. Despite having […]




Hi, I'm Dennis! I’m the brave one of my brothers. I love to explore and have a lot of energy to play. I love to wrestle with my brothers, toys or a human hand. My brothers and I are not materialistic cats. Despite having some cool toys, our favourite by far is an old piece […]




Meet Olive! What can I say about this girl? She came into care with her SIX kittens, she was tiny and her little body was thin. She has now said “goodbye my loves” to her kittens and settled into a desexed lifestyle. She did her best being a mother but after having 6 sets of […]




Hi everyone, I'm Barney! I'm a sweet and outgoing little boy, I'm full of beans but also love to snuggle, I enjoy climbing and may need reminding from time to time that the bench isn’t a place to climb on, because my 5 sisters were all bigger than me, they are all a bit rough […]




Hi everyone, I’m Wilma! I'm a bouncy, energetic little girl that loves to run and play but also loves to cuddle up and get tummy rubs, I enjoy climbing on everything, because of my energy levels I will need plenty of things to keep me entertained, like a big scratching post with plenty of levels. […]




Hi everyone, I’m Betty! I'm a loving little girl that likes to run and play, but also love to cuddle up. I enjoy climbing on everything and laying on the back of the couch, I enjoy climbing on peoples shoulders, I enjoy being up high so would need a scratching post with plenty of levels. […]




Hi everyone, I’m Hazel! I’m an outgoing little girl, I'd rather be playing with a friend but will have a snuggle with you in my own time. I would best suit a family with another playful friend like me, I can be a little rough so my new friend would need to match my energy […]




My name is Lamborghini and I am looking for my forever home! I had a very tough start to life but was luckily rescued by some caring people at the ripe age of just 2 weeks old and then found my way to my foster home. My foster mum says I am a gorgeous looking […]




Hello, I'm Seraphina! I'm full of confidence, sass, mischief and energy. Curious and adventurous, you'll usually find me bolting around the house, either playing with my toys, getting into mischief or chasing another one of my poor victims... I mean, my friends. I came into foster care as an only kitten however I spent no […]




If you're looking for a stylish little lady to entertain you and fill your house with joy, look no further than me, Macaroni! I may be half the size of my siblings but I give twice the love! All you need to do is look at me and I purr. I love to be patted […]




Well hello there! I'm Tortellini, AKA, Mr. Busy Body, Mr. Nosey, Mr. Curious, Mr. Not For You Tortie and all round cutie pie! I move with stealth under my beautiful, camouflage patterned coat - like a cat burglar in the night . You go about your routine getting things out of the pantry, moving things […]




Hi, my name is Camembert and I’m looking for my forever home. Can you help me? I’m #1 in the cheesy kitten gang, but don’t let my mild name fool you! I’m full of sass and spice, with a whole lot of ginger attitude to go with it! I’ve only been with my foster mum […]




Hi, my name is Cheddar and I’m looking for my forever home. Can you help me? I’m #2 in the cheesy kitten gang, but think of me as a sharp cheddar, not the mild, creamy kind! I’m always getting up to mischief, but foster mum can never stay mad at me! Look at me! I […]




Hi, my name is Brie and I’m looking for my forever home. Can you help me? I’m #3 in the cheesy kitten gang, and my mild name suits me down to a T! Foster mum says I’m such a sweet and loving girl, and never getting into trouble, unlike my cheesy siblings. I’m sometimes a […]

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