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Aloha! My name's Bonnie.
Bonnie the beautiful - my unique smoked tabby coat colour will fascinate you.
Bonnie the brave - I am that kitten who does things first.
Bonnie the bold - I am an independent woman in my own little world.

While I do play with my fellow kittens and cuddle up with my darling brother Clyde, I am also happy being solo while the others are fighting over best position in our foster mums lap. I often take this chance to wander around the room, checking out new toys, and then casually strutting over to my foster mum for my turn in the cuddle puddle. I guess I'm slightly reserved but do not be fooled, I hold my own in kitten wrestle mania! I'm not shy about voicing my disgust or disappointment at my foster buddies, I'm just a lady and I like things done in a lady like way.

After a few days adjusting to meeting my new fellow kittens in foster care, I have shown that I can live with others without any issues. I have even met some cool dogs who of course were besotted with me due to my stunning looks (can you blame them?) I could learn to appreciate a dog friend but like with all new friends even cats or new kittens, I will need slow introductions which my foster carer will guide you with. That’s why it is great being a GAR gal - they understand my needs.

I must have an indoor life and if I had access to an enclosure, that would be an added bonus. Oh, and I also need a scratching pole, a cat tower, a window to view the world from, toys, snuggle spots, great food, and a great family. Are you my human ready to commit 100% to a lifelong companion in me?

That is what I have to offer you, my heart forever. I will be your girl.

Bonnie is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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