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German Shepherd X Collie

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Salutations Hoomans,

I go by the name Buster but my gentlemanly demeanor, dashing looks and deep brown eyes are the reasons my foster mom describes me as an exotic version of Mr. Darcy.
I am a strapping, young boi just shy of 2 years old however, I can be high maintenance.

This is somewhat due to my genetics, I am a German Shepherd x Collie. My foster mom says prior experience with big breed dogs is a must!
It requires an effort to look this dapper so my new hoomans must be able to maintain my healthy, shiny coat.
I also come with a sophisticated pallet, I exclusively eat Black Hawk mixed with a raw diet.

I'm a single, gentleman looking for stable and understanding hoomans. Life has been unpredictable so far, my owners gave me away earlier this year and then my subsequent owners also gave me away. This happened another three times more before I was surrendered to GAR.
I'm a smart boi but I am a sensitive soul. Each time I became a nomad I got a little more anxious about my new hoomans abandoning me.
I struggle with separation anxiety and need a nice, quiet home that will give me stability & structure. In the environment described I would be able to devote myself to being a loyal companion.

I receive an abundance of praise about how well my obedience training is progressing. I have been working very hard with my fosters on manners, socializing and regulating my excitement. Exposure to the big wide world has been very limited, I can get over stimulated by new environments and am known to be impulsive when I am anxious or excited.
To this extent I implore the importance of patience towards my training. I have oodles to still learn while I figure out my place in your home. A commitment to continue my obedience training, especially during the settling in period is a necessity.

I profusely enjoy daily strolls along the beachfront and supervised play sessions with my hoomans. My fosters praise me for my impeccable manners & discipline on lead -until I see another dog. My new hoomans will need confidence handling me when other dogs are in the vicinity as I do not yet know how to remain calm.
The majority of my days are spent resting in my crate with ample opportunities to relieve myself outside. My crate is my safe & calm space.  I am not ready for drastic changes to my routine, I will be best suited to an environment where my hoomans are home with me.

I would love nothing more than to be inside with my people all day. I do enjoy fresh air & sunshine but I can not be left alone outside, it is too lonely for me. If I have to stay home alone, I must be crated else my anxiety will find a way to entertain itself with your possessions.

I may be happy with a very well matched canine companion. I am too much for the ladies however a well behaved, larger breed, male dog will be able to entertain my enthusiasm for play. My Fosters also say I am not suited to young children, cats or pocket pets.

I love nothing more than day napping, car rides, my toys, my bones and hooman affections. I will be the perfect companion if the right person enters my life.

Buster is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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