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Well howdy all! My name's Clyde and when I say “I am such a catch” you better believe it!

I have a calming presence, a very chilled out little guy with eyes that lovingly gaze right into your soul. My manners are insanely sweet from the bowl to the litter tray. I will snuggle you to sleep or happily be in my bed until I hear you wake. Ok, I may wake you up with some zoomies if I feel it is required but I am a respectful little guy who my foster mum says is purrfect in every way.

I love being around my fellow kittens, and you will often find me at the bottom of the sleeping kitten pile on my foster mums lap. When I wake recharged, look out! I love to call playtime! My favourite obstacles are scratching posts, hanging stick toys, and of course castles of cardboard boxes to exercise my imagination, toys I can pounce upon and flip around are on my absolute wish list.

I would be happy to have another cat or kitten in my new home. I have met some cool kitten loving dogs so I would be open to exploring that friendship also. I must have an indoor life and access to an enclosure would blow my mind. I would also be okay as a solo man with my own family of humans with laps I can sleep on and plenty of entertaining playtime.

I am super excited to be adopted by someone who can stand by me for my entire lifetime as I will stand by you through yours.

Clyde is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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