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Hello friends, my name is Coby and I’m looking for a special place to call home!

I have three big loves in this life. The first, food! I love it, all kinds, I’m not fussy. The second, cuddles! Give me lots! I like to be picked up and cuddled regularly and I will respond with immediate purrs to show my appreciation. My third big love is zoomies! I don’t know why but sometimes I just gotta run really fast. So if you can provide food, cuddles, and space to do zoomies, then that will do me just fine! And if you can speak meow then that’s a bonus because I love to talk!

My foster family say I’m 50 percent cuddly, calm and affectionate, and 50 percent playful, energised and cheeky. I think that makes me just about perfect! I have to say I am very enthusiastic about life and I like to know what’s going on in the house, but I also like to snuggle up with my humans and rest in front of the tv, ideally on your chest. I love a good scratching post and toys, especially that laser one that I chase up and down the hallway but can never catch. My foster humans also tell me I’m an excellent house guest because I always use my litter and I eat my food without making a mess! See, told you I was perfect.

Now for the serious stuff… I can sometimes become a bit exuberant when I’m playing and I forget how sharp my claws are so it’s probably best I don’t live with small children. I’d be fine with older children though. I’ve been in foster care with an 11yo and 14yo and we get along great. We even play chasey sometimes! Since being in foster care I have also shared the house with a small female adult cat who is a bit shy. I get very excited around her and want to play however she doesn’t care for my shenanigans. I am learning to give her space but most of the time I just can’t help myself. I want to play! I think I would be better suited to a house with another cat who can match my confidence and enthusiasm, someone who is also keen to play. I could also be a solo cat if the humans would be willing to play with me daily. I haven’t yet met a dog so not too sure how that would go.

I’ve got my bags packed and I’m ready to move into my forever home. Will my journey lead me into your heart and home? I hope so xx

Coby is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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