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Hi everyone!
Let me introduce to you, Ella…
As any good greyhound, she is a professional couch potato. Her favourite hobby is throwing herself under all the blankets and cushions on the couch and playing hide and seek. She is never the seeker…
Ella is a quiet yet curious young girl who enjoys human company almost as much as she enjoys her food. She will need a slow feeder bowl for meal times as she can cause herself quite an upset with her ravishing appetite. Meal time has been around other dogs which has made her comfortable to eat her food around others.
Meeting people at her home is a different story to meeting people on the street. She is a very placid and calm girl when meeting new people and always loves a pat. But when comfortable and confident in her own home, her playful side comes out and she can be a bit bouncy which she is still working on. I get excited at the start of my walk but after that I am very well behaved on the lead.
Squeaky toys are definitely a favourite! She can play with these non-stop for about 10minutes before she tires! Despite greyhounds being the “athletes” they are, they definitely lack in stamina. This applies for chasey as well. Ella currently has a sister in her foster home that she loooves to play chasey with but also tires very quickly.
Something Ella is not a fan of is being left outside. She is currently outside a lot of the time at her foster home with her siblings but can still cry if she knows you are home and she is not with you. This does not last 8hrs a day and she generally settles after 10 minutes.
Ella would best suit a home with NO CATS. Preferably have someone home more often than not as she loves human attention. Ella could do well with no other dogs but would also suit a home that has another young and calm, but playful dog to keep her company. Ideally no young kids as she is tall and bouncy.
P.s... check out her mohawk in the picture below!

Ella is desexed, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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