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Elsie has had a varied past and really needs somebody with a good understanding of cats to give her every chance of settling.
Her first time with GAR was when she was rescued as a heavily pregnant stray. A week into foster care Elsie kittened and raised a healthy litter. After the kittens were adopted Elsie was desexed and given time to find herself again. She was fine with people but showed a fierce dislike of dogs, particularly large ones.
Elsie preferred her own company and liked to "hunt" birds and bugs in an outdoor enclosure.
After a few months Elsie was adopted and spent 12 months living on a farm. Sleeping indoors at night and left to enjoy the farm during the day she seemingly had a lovely life. But things didn't work out and she now finds herself back in foster care. Elsie is a beautiful cat, very pretty colors in her coat, and a strong sassy personality. She can be quite a challenge for quiet, gentle folk. She needs an owner who is as strong as she is.
Elsie still likes to play and can be a little rough at times. She is not a lapcat, but will show affection. But equally will let you know when she has had enough with a quick nip. She is not for the faint hearted, needing a home where she is not feared. She would probably be most suited to a rural home where she has time to fossick and hunt rodents, but also needs an indoor comfortable home where is safe.
Elsie just needs somebody to see her potential and give her the opportunity to settle and trust.
Would love to see this dear lady settled - but strictly a no dog home. Small children and elderly may find her a little too challenging.
A strong sassy owner, much like herself, would be perfect.
Elsie is fully vaccinated, desexed, microchipped and wormed/deflead. She is of ample proportions but in full health. We estimate her to be around 3 - 4 years old.

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