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Elsie has now been back in foster care for 12 months.
She is living in an outdoor enclosure. A lonely life away from the resident dogs.
Elsie is not a very social cat and does not like being fussed over, nor having dogs in her face.

A very pretty girl who has had a hard life. She first came to gar as a pregnant stray. She was a beautiful mum, raising her babies ready for adoption. After desexing and acclimatising to life after babies she was adopted. She lived as a farm cat - free to hunt vermin throughout the day and inside at night. Seemed like a perfect arrangement but she was too sassy for her gentle owner.

The happiest environment I have ever seen for a cat like Elsie was a local farm supply warehouse where the resident cat was free to hunt and sleep within the safety of the warehouse.

Elsie is not a hostile or aggressive cat. She is a very sassy strong girl who likes her own space but still needs to be loved and looked after. She needs daily contact with her human, nutritious food and clean water and a safe indoor space to retire in every night.

If allowed the freedom and space to adjust to a new home she may learn to trust again and drop her guard. She is not suitable for small children nor elderly people.
A cat savvy person who will not rush her and allow her to come to them would be preferred. A dog would have to be introduced slowly.

Are you able to give this sweet girl a chance at living a happy and enriched life?

Elsie is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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