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Hello Future Forever Home,

My name is George, of House Ginger.  And like my royal namesake, I am a very regal boy.  I’m about 5 years old and spent my younger years growing up with some small humans, who I loved to hang out with.

I can be a little shy to start with, but once I’ve settled in, I’m good to go.  In the early stages, I can be a little nervous and I’ve been known to have some accidents outside my litter box.  However, now I’m settled and I’ve organised my humans, I never miss.  Please know, it is my royal decree that my litter is checked twice a day.

I’m a friendly feline, with a love of butt scratches and tummy rubs.  When I see my foster parents, I come out of my castle and ask for attention with cute meows.  Then I flop over to demand love.

I am also lucky to have access to a secure cat run which I like to spend time in.  I like to bask in the sun, and hold court with my fellow foster siblings.  Currently, I live with three other cats and two dogs.  I don’t mind the cats and would probably like a feline friend. I will tolerate the dog sub-species.  If they give me my space, I give them theirs.  I may warm up to the right dog creature with time, but these ones aren’t quite my speed.

If you think you would be the perfect place for me to set up court, please apply below.

George is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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