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Hello Friends! My name is Hugo and I’m around 5-6 years old. I’m what my foster Mum likes to call, “a bit of a character” - whatever that means!

I came to GAR from Death Row at the Pound because my old family said I was too boisterous for a toddler. I’m actually not super boisterous, and I actually sleep A LOT! – I just don’t have much training and it seems that I have spent a lot of time on my own in the past so my excitement when you are with me has been interpreted as boisterousness. I just haven’t been shown how to be calm properly. I have definitely improved in this area since coming into foster care, but there is still room for improvement.

It would seem I have not been allowed inside in the past. At first when I arrived in my foster home I was very scared to walk in the back door in case that was a big no no! I’m not a fan of getting in or out of the car, but am ok when we are driving, although I need to be in a seatbelt, or I won’t sit still.

I’m very friendly! I currently live in foster care with two other dogs. I don’t really care much about other dogs or what they are doing. I have been busted playing with my brother and sister sometimes, but not if there are humans around. Humans are MY FAVOURITE! If you think you can walk past me without patting me, you are wrong. I know every human who has not patted me, and I will pursue you until you do pat me because I LOVE HUMANS!!!!!!

I did go and meet a couple of kitties at my foster grandparents’ house. I wasn’t overly interested in them except when the one with the fluffy butt was running and jumping, that caught my attention! My foster mum thinks with gentle introductions I could possibly live with a cat.

I have very basic training. When I came to my foster home, I didn’t really know anything except my name. My foster Mum and Dad say I have ants in my pants because I am always moving. I have been crate trained and I sleep inside in my crate and I am calm whilst in there. I do tend to find it hard to chill out inside unless I’m in the crate. If I sit on the couch with you, there isn’t really a spot which is comfy enough for me and I end up walking back and forth just trying to find the unattainable golden spot. I know ‘On your bed’ (which means into my crate) and ‘sit’ but I still don’t really like to sit still. Even though I know what I’m supposed to do! For this reason, I will need a forever family who is committed to keeping up with my training to help me in the areas where I have been let down in the past.

I’m not suitable to be left inside unsupervised because I would most likely chew something I shouldn’t… like the time I chewed the edge of my Foster Dad’s man cave couch… oops, sorry again about that Mr!

Medically, I’m pretty healthy. I do have some skin allergies which gives me the itchies in between my footsies and on my belly. I have started on a hypoallergenic diet, and my feet have cleared up really well and so has my red belly. My future family should know this will be an ongoing issue and will need to be prepared to manage it. I had a cracked tooth removed when I came into care, and I also had some x-rays done as my conformation is a little off. Fortunately, it’s most likely just from bad backyard breeding and I don’t have any arthritis and the vets say it does not require surgery. I’m not in any pain at all – I bounce around on my back legs ALL THE TIME! They also did a general blood screen and everything is normal and healthy!

My recall could use some work. I do come when you call me at home in the yard, but I probably shouldn’t be left off leash in wide open spaces because I might keep going. My manners on walks are quite good, and I don’t pull on the lead. My Foster Dad has been letting me run around the park on a big long leash so he can pull me back if I decide to keep going and I seem to enjoy the freedom of this! I would not be suitable to tie up at a shop while you went in for a few things, because I would definitely chew through my lead and come and find you!

I have a beautiful sweet nature, and obviously I’m 10/10 handsome. I’m not anxious when I’m left alone in the yard, and I haven’t tried to escape – my foster Mum is one of those crazy ladies with a camera and she has been sure to check on this. I do want to be part of the family though and not left alone outside all the time like I was in the past. I’m best suited to older or dog savvy kids, because in my excitement I might accidentally knock over a small kid and give them a fright.

My Mumma says my new humans will need to be awesome and looking to adopt a good boy* (*in training) and be willing to commit to giving me the best life despite my current shortcomings.

If you think you tick all these boxes, put in an application, I would love to meet you so you can pat me…

Love Hugo


Hugo is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatment.

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