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Kelpie X

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This is Jack and he is a 3 year old Kelpie cross. He was in the pound for a period of time but has been with his foster carers for 7 weeks, and we adore him. He is a medium sized dog who will chase a ball but loves squeaker toys much more.
He has even been known to run flat into the fence to catch the toy with no thought to his own welfare. We have no idea who stole Jack's tail but the little he has wags non stop when around those he cares for.
Jack is fully house trained, knows lots of basic commands, and is obedient at most times. His love in life is walking and he will need a long walk daily, or 2 shorter walks to keep him active and not bored. He currently sleeps outside but wants to be inside with the humans at all times when allowed.
Jack will need encouragement on walks to not pull and to sit when necessary. He knows all this but has a little too much confidence in himself and feels it is below him. After about 10 minutes this is all established again. We are still working on his behavior around other dogs on walks as he cannot ignore them and sees them as a threat.
He is a lovable and cuddly dog who is super loyal to those he lives with. His protective instinct is high and can bark at strangers in his house but comes around to regular visitors. Every time he is let inside he needs to sniff and find all the occupants before settling down on his bed. He is super funny with his noises as he groans like an old man when settling on his bed or getting up.
Jack has not been around children with his current carers so we have no knowledge of how he will react but has never shown threatening behavior towards us at anytime. Jack would be the perfect dog for someone who enjoys an active lifestyle as he never seems to lose stamina, and would be a great companion.
Jack is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatment.

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