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Hi my name is Jack and I am a 3 year old Kelpie cross. I was in the pound for a period of time so nobody knows much about my history. I have now been with my foster carers for almost 4 months, and they adore me. When I first arrived, I was very apprehensive of being in the house or outside as I was only used to a long chainmesh run that was open to the elements. It took me a few weeks to trust and connect with my humans but now I adore them back.

I am a good looking medium sized fellow with no visible flaws except I need to point out that have a stumpy tail. I do not remember if I was born this way or it was taken from me. When I first arrived at my current home, I was a bit skinny with my ribs showing, but I have now found a major interest in food and have fattened up nicely. I love to eat almost anything but have found that my stomach appreciates just dry food as my major food requirement.

I will chase a ball to please my humans but I love squeaker toys much more. The soft ones are my favourite because I enjoy pulling the stuffing out and making my bed look like Christmas. My humans have found that a rubber toy with a squeaker in it lasts much longer as I enjoy chewing them for the noise or just standing on them. I have even been known to run flat out to catch the toy with no thought to what is in the way , a human or a fence.

I am fully house trained and have never messed in the house even when kept in over night occasionally. When I am inside I just stand at the back door to tell someone to open the door, so I can go toilet, get a drink or eat something. I currently sleep outside in my kennel with a big comfy bed that I can stretch out on. My humans tell me that I am a smart boy as I know lots of basic commands used in the house and even know that when dinner is being cooked I have to stand at the bench line and not enter the cooking area.

I love being with my family whether it is inside, outside, going for a walk or a drive in the car. I am always ready to go but I do enjoy lots of sleep as well. Some days I have to entertain myself for up to 10 hours and I am fine with that as long as I get some attention when someone comes home. My yard is a little small at the moment and I would enjoy something bigger to run around in, if possible.

Note from my humans – Jack is a lovable and cuddly dog who is super loyal to those he lives with. His protective instinct is high and can bark at strangers in his house but comes around to regular visitors. Every time he is let inside he needs to sniff and find all the occupants before settling down on his bed. He is super funny with his noises as he groans like an old man when settling on his bed or getting up.

We can't tell you what Jack is like around small children or cats as he has no history with them around us. On walks and at the dog training, he has shown to be over zealous to other dogs, but once he is near and realises that they are not a threat he is much calmer.

I can't wait to find my forever family, where I can play with the men and cuddle with the ladies like I do now. Give me a chance and after a few weeks you will have the most loyal and loving dog ever. Jack is my name and you know that you want me as your dog, just from my photos.


Jack is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and up to date with flea/worm treatments.

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