Leia & Rey *BONDED PAIR*

Leia & Rey *BONDED PAIR* 

GAR1709 & 1710




3 Year(s) 7 Month(s)





Microchip #:

I'm Leia, cuddle bunny extraordinaire.
My number one favourite activity is lap time. I can spend hours just lounging in a lap having my neck and back stroked. I'm very helpful if you work on a computer, keeping you company while you work, sitting quietly in your lap just watching you type…. Well not always sitting quietly, I do like to press the buttons and send the occasional email. I'm sure that's very helpful though because my foster mum says I've managed to make her computer do things she had no idea it could do!
I love to run and play and involve myself in all the usual kitten antics, but something that I love to do, which is just a little bit different, is swimming! You read that right. We have big bowls of water for the resident dogs and I like to start my day by taking a dip. Doesn't matter how cold it is outside, I jump on in, splash around and then have my morning drink. Nothing better than waking up with a good swim!
There are lots of dogs and cats in my foster home and that's the way I like it. I don't spend any time alone and I have made a special bond with my sibling Rey, for this reason we are to go to a home together. If I ever do find myself in a room all alone I squeak out immediately- "H-E-LLLLOOOOO!" - and wait for my foster parents to answer me so I can come sprinting in to jump into a lap. I mean, who wants to be by yourself when you can be having a massage and a cuddle?!
I do have a very fluffy coat so I'm going to need to be brushed when I'm older. It will be worth it though, a fluffy coat just makes for better cuddles! So if you have an empty lap, I want to hear from you today!

If you're looking for a stylish spotted domestic leopard to entertain you and fill your house with joy, look no further than me, Rey!

I may be half the size of my brothers and sister but I give twice the love! All you need to do is look at me and I purr. I love to be patted and get right up close and personal to give you special kisses all over your face. The closer the better. My favourite spot is on the back of the chair you're sitting on so I can walk back and forth, rubbing up against you and delighting you with my purr.
Not only do I snuggle but I'm full of fun and games. I just love to climb things so I'm looking for a home with a really great climbing tree to practice my acrobatics on. I might be tiny but don't underestimate my pouncing power. As well as my siblings we have BIG cats and dogs at my foster home and I can take them on, no problem.
My favourite treat is a duck tender. It's the most exciting thing ever when you hand me a piece. I can spend ages just tossing it and chasing it around the floor. Grrr grrr  grrr… I hunt, I pounce, I munch. D-E-LICIOUS!
Although I have a big personality, I can be a little bit shy with new or noisy people so I'm looking for a quieter type of home. I'm really hoping one of my siblings can stay with me to keep me company and give me the confidence boost I need.
I only need a little spot on the couch… maybe you could fit me (and one of my siblings) in?

Rey & Leia are desexed. microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatment.

Rey - 953010004907016

Leia - 953010004907044

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