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Domestic Medium Hair

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Howdy humans, it’s Leo here, and I’m on the prowl for a new home.
It’s a pretty sad story really, the reason why I’m needing a new home.
You see, my previous owners didn’t want me, and when I went missing they didn’t even come looking for me. After 8 long days in a rural pound, waiting patiently for them to come and find me, I found myself (and there’s no nice way to say this), on the kill list. Lucky for me, the lovely people at GAR took me in, and so I made the long trip down to Geelong to my foster home.
My foster mum took me to the vet because I was very sick with the cat flu. I couldn’t even open my eyes because they were so full of gunk, I had a terrible cough and I couldn’t breathe because nose was so blocked. I got some medicine and I started to feel better slowly. While I was at the vet, they checked to see if I had a microchip, and sure enough I did. My previous owners were contacted, and this was when I found out they didn’t want me. My heart was broken, I couldn’t understand what I had done wrong. They said I was a stupid cat that tried to escape all the time. It’s not my fault they didn’t desex me and keep me safe inside.
I’ve been desexed now, and vaccinated, and I’m over my cat flu and ready for my forever home.
My foster mums tells me I’m the most perfect, loving and affectionate boy. I love to sit in your lap and be patted and held, and I will reward you with purrs and head butts. I’m not quite past my kitten stage as my foster brother and I love to play chasy.
I don’t mind being left on my own, I’ll just sleep in my bed quietly until you get home or you may find me under your doona as my foster mum finds me here when she gets home from work.
I have a feline brother (7) and sister (17), and I may be a bit too playful for them which Im sure they could live without, so I’d probably be better off with someone closer to my age that could keep up with me. I also don’t mind dogs, but I haven’t lived with one yet. I am so calm and relaxed that I think with the right introduction I could live with any other pet. I’d fit pretty easily into any type of home really, I’m completely adaptable. I really just want a home where I will be loved and part of the family and not abandoned again. Is that too much to ask for this beautiful ginger boy?
If you think I might be the perfect new addition to your family, please apply for me using the link provided. I will reward you with a lifetime of love.

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