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This big fella is Leroy, he is approx 2 year old Blue American Staffy.
Leroy has a lot of love to give and is searching for his forever home.
He is a playful, strong willed kinda guy...his favourite things are zoomies in the house and having a cheeky play with your feet if you aren’t paying attention to him.
He currently lives with 8 others dogs and two cats and a 4 month old baby, however he is never left alone with any of them as he is still learning how to be fully social as he can be very pushy and in your face with other animals.

He loves to go for a walk and explore, he is currently calling Jimmy’s Dog Training home so they’re teaching him to walk nicely on a lead but he does need someone strong as he has had no prior training before coming into care so he sometimes forgets how strong he is.

We found Leroy took a few weeks to warm up to his new house in care but after that he is super cuddly and responsive to vocal commands when there is minimal distractions, he has recently become food motivated so his focus in training has been easy to promote with a tasty treat.

Leroy has shown separation anxiety and destructive behaviour in his previous foster home so he needs a forever family willing to spend a lot of time with him and continue training. He has been crate trained so when left alone for short periods you can crate him, he is also used to being crated overnight while sleeping.

Previously he was used as just a breeding dog he hasn’t had much exposure to the real world so everything can be super exciting for him but loves meeting new people
He wears a bark collar when left alone outside as he can bark and howl if left alone, when he has it on however he is nice and calm and quiet.

In group classes Leroy has been working on his recall on a long line as he cannot be off lead just yet.
Leroy can be destructive with bedding and toys and also does mouth hard when playing so further training is a must for him.

Socialising in group classes Leroy has been improving although he can be intense on the initial meeting with other dogs.

Leroy’s perfect forever home would have no young children as he can forget how big he is, someone who is home a lot of the time but someone keen to further training with him.
He does need someone very confident with handling large breeds.

Leroy would enjoy being an only dog or if he had an older female pack member to show him the ways of the world, we do not think he would be suitable with another male but are willing to have a meet and greet.

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