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“Her name is Lola, she was a showgirl” 🙂 If this line from Barry Manilow's song, Copacabana made you smile then you just might be my kind of forever people. 🙂

Hi, I’m Lola & I’ll be 8yrs old in August. Through no fault of my own, this is my second stint with GAR in 4 years, so at my age, I would just like to settle down & become part of another family who understands & reciprocates unconditional love again. I’m a super friendly, sweet girl with the biggest heart who, my foster mum says, also has the ability to melt yours with my level of loyalty & devotion to my humans.

I don’t suffer from any separation anxiety if left alone for a few hours but I like to have my brain stimulation games such as a Kong to keep me occupied while you’re away. I’m also just as happy to be lounging around & watching the world go by too, depending on my mood on the day.

Having previously been raised in a family home with small to medium children, I’d be best suited to a forever home where someone is around for a large majority of the day or if I had a friendly doggo sibling to hang out with as I like to be one of those “Touchy/feely” kind of gals who likes to snuggle up on the lounge with you but also understand the need for personal space too. I’ve had some excellent training from all of my humans along the way so I have great manners along with excellent recall & if not distracted, will generally do anything that is asked of me. Especially if I think there’s a chance of treats but being the cruisey girl that I am, I’m just as happy to receive pats & praise for my good deeds too as a girl also has to watch her figure.

I love my daily walks with my humans....especially car adventures to the beach & I’m no slacker. I usually walk about 2kms twice a day, every day. I also love playing around in my splash pool on warmer days but will have my Princess Staffy moments & sulk until I know that the hose is safely out of sight then it’s game on.

Prior to returning to the GAR crew, I lived harmoniously with two other large dogs who I grew up with & with gentle introductions, my foster mum has also taken me for play dates with some of her dog friends which was great fun because we were both off lead & free to explore which meant no stress for me but being an older gal, I have zero tolerance for standover tactics & will take on the role of matriarch with a quick warning snap if things get to boisterous for me. I walk very well on lead...a little excited at first but settle quickly & have excellent road sense. However, I’ve previously experienced some trauma by being attacked by another dog whilst I was on lead with no escape so I can become reactive when I see other dogs especially small dogs & I definitely don’t like cats or small pocket pets either. This reaction stems more from anxiety rather than aggression & I can be quite vocal about it by giving you my best impression of what sounds like a dolphin trying to sing underwater. Also, because I’m a solid girl & at times, a misunderstood breed, others can perceive me as being aggressive where in reality, I’m just curious of my surroundings. I really am the biggest, softest sweetheart you’ll ever meet & my foster mum says that my intuitiveness is second to none. In saying all of that, my reactions are short-lived & if kept in check, are easily overcome as I respond very well to firm but fair voice commands of “Leave it” or “No” followed by some positive words such as “We’ll get through this together” as we calmly just continue on our way as if we don’t have a care in the world. So it’s a priority for me that my ideal forever home has an understanding of my breed & be comfortable & confident with handling any reactions whilst continuing with my training to help me overcome this.

I’m a super fit, healthy girl although 4yrs ago, I experienced full Renal failure after being desexed which was somewhat of an ordeal & it has left me with an extreme fear of the Vets which my new family need to be aware of. I no longer have any Renal issues & have recently been given a full, clean bill of health with no other issues & my Vet anxiety is easily managed with single dose medications on the day. I do get thirsty because of my Renal history & I have just one simple request that my water bowl always be full as I can drink up to 2 – 3 bowls a day & also that you have water on hand for walks. I have no other dietary needs & enjoy the simple things in life such as my kibble with some fresh meat & if you really want to get in my good books, a raw egg once a week. My foster mum has recently discovered Dog Yoghurt too so... yay for me 🙂 but I know that this is only for occasional treats after dinner. Chopped, raw carrots & roast sweet potato & pumpkin are some of my favourite things too.

I am microchipped, desexed, fully vaccinated & up to date with my Flea/Worm treatments so if you’re absolutely sure that you’re willing & able to spend forever with a special, one of a kind type of girl then look me up but please don’t commit if you’re just looking for a part time trophy pet because that’s not who I am or what I need. I prefer to be considered as a member of the family.

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