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Lucy is a six year old Cavalier girl with a sad story but a sunny future.

Lucy was surrendered to the pound with very little information or reason, so what we know about her is limited, and the rest we can only assume. When Geelong Animal Rescue took her into their care, she had significant dental issues, a large and uncomfortable mammary lump, and a Grade 3 heart murmur. In two seperate surgeries, Lucy has had rotten teeth removed, has been desexed and her lump removed, along with the involved nipple and the one above it. The mass was quite large but was tested as benign thank goodness. Lucy looks to have had multiple litters and because of her advanced age at desexing, she is and will continue to be prone to mammary lumps. She is not currently required to have medication for her heart murmur but will require close and continued veterinary monitoring for life. She also has cornea scarring which doesn’t affect her sight but may occasionally require eye drops. Again, veterinary care will be ongoing.

Lucy is a sweet and content girl, who just loves human affection and attention. She adores food and is often a culprit for missing/stolen food from the kitchen. She has been living with a baby, a toddler, a dog, cats and chickens and is undeterred and friendly will all. Because of her intense love of food, she can get a bit growly if bothered while eating. Lucy has wonderful manners, can sit and stay, has basic recall, and is house-trained. Lucy would love a home where she spends a lot of time inside sleeping on a comfortable bed, and have a lot of time to spend with her forever human. A canine companion would also be wonderful. Lucy’s forever home must understand her health history and future, and be dedicated to managing her health for life in conjunction with a regular vet. Premium food to care for her teeth is also important. If you feel like you suit Lucy and she suits you, and you would like to meet her, fill out an application form using the link below...

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