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Are you looking for someone to be involved in your life? Someone who respects the work from home space but is all down for attention after hours? (Like, all the attention). Then Luna may be the one for you! Luna loves, and we mean, LOVES cuddles. Preferably right up on your chest, just as you’ve sat down to relax. She is working on her personal space boundaries. Slowly.

She’s a special little lady with a wonky back foot; previously broken and badly healed. It does not affect her day to day life but she does have a callous which requires monitoring to make sure it does not become an open wound. Because of this, Luna will need to a be a strictly indoors cat/only have catio access.

When Luna first came into care, she also had a skin condition and was over grooming leading to many cone-headed days. Her skin has now all healed up and the grooming is back to a respectable level, but it is something her future family will need to watch out for.

Luna currently resides with two cat-savvy dogs and three other adult cats. She is quite interested in approaching her fellow felines but, unfortunately for Luna, they are sour-pusses and aren’t interested in being friends. The dogs are a little more social, however, Luna would rather watch from afar than play with them. She will still sit on your lap, with the dogs in presence. We suspect Luna could go to a home with other cat-savvy pets.

Luna also lives with a small human and doesn’t find the idea too terrifying. Granted. The small human in residence can’t chase after her yet, but they do like to try and pat the pretty cat. She takes it all in her stride and isn’t too phased. Due to her social nature, as long as children and Luna are supervised, we feel she would slot into most families.

So, if you’ve got space in your home and your heart for a love-bug, Luna would love to say hi!

Luna is de-sexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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