Mango & Maisie **BONDED PAIR**

Mango & Maisie **BONDED PAIR** 

GAR2116 + 2118




4 Month(s)





Microchip #:


Meet Mango and Maisie, the duo of your dreams!

Mango may start out shy, but as he gets to know you, he'll slowly but surely blossom into your best friend! Mango is a self-entertaining kitten who's quite happy to have a little playtime with his toys or nap by himself. But don't let his independent nature fool you; he loves chasing his foster siblings around the house, get into mischief and he's a secret softy who absolutely loves cuddles, especially with his sister Maisie. They share a bond that will absolutely melt your heart! He also loves to spend time with his humans and cuddle with them on the couch whilst watching TV. Unlike many ginger cats, Mango exhibits a curious and calm nature but does exhibit small streaks of traditional orange cat energy. Not to mention, he's adorably cute!

Maisie is very similar to Mango but is unique in her own way. She will be quite reserved upon introduction but will slowly warm up. Maisie is happy to entertain herself however she also loves to cuddle with Mango and play her siblings. She is not fond of being picked up but will instead seek out attention when she is ready and is content with sitting by you whilst watching TV. Maisie is very curious, inquisitive and loves to play with her toys. Maisie's intricate fur patterns and dreamy eyes will ensure any scolding from mischief her and Mango may cause will be indefinitely avoided.

Both Mango and Maisie are not fussy about food and will happily chow down on anything you serve them. Plus, they both know how to use a litter box, making them both well-mannered and relatively, low maintainance. As Maisie grows, so will her fur meaning she will require regular brushing to ensure her fur doesn't tangle.

Mango and Maisie currently share their foster home with their brother, another kitten around their age and three adult cats, all of whom they get along well with. Whilst neither of them haven't had the chance to interact with kids or dogs yet, their calm and friendly natures seem to suggest that they would adjust to a gentle new friend of any age or type.

Mango and Maisie look forward to meeting you!

**Due to the a nationwide shortage of feline vaccinations, Mango & Maisie have only received their first vaccination. When the stock becomes available again you will recieve a voucher for one of GARs partnering vets to receive their booster vaccination.

Mango & Maisie are desexed, microchipped, up to date with flea and worm treatments,

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