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Hello future family!

My name is Marley. I’m a 10 month old American Staffy. Some people think I look pretty tough, but I’m actually a bit of a sook who just loves being with humans! I think I’ve only let out a little woof in front of my foster parents once or twice since being with them. I’m a shy pup too… I get nervous around new people and places so don’t be upset if I don’t lick you to death or get super excited when you meet me for the first time. It will take me a few weeks to settle in somewhere, and I’ll probably be extra clingy while adjusting, but feeling love and care will help me to relax.

To tell you a bit about my background, I came from a home with young kids, but my foster family haven’t seen me around young ones much. I’m sure they’d love me though, I’m a pretty gentle guy – I don’t play rough much and I’d much prefer pats and belly rubs. My previous home also had cats… we didn’t get along too well… so I think I’d really need a home with no pocket pets.

I went to my first foundation puppy class with my foster parents recently. It was really cool, I get along with so many different personalities, but I don’t think I’d be good friends with another dog who’s very energetic or overly dominant. To be honest, humans are my first choice for friends. Besides that, I think I aced my first class. I can sit, stay for brief periods and walk well on a lead (I prefer to be walked by my own humans though). My trainer loved me too, he said I was “as soft as butter”.

I’m a really healthy pup – no medical issues or allergies that I know of. But if there’s something else you must know about me, it’s that I don’t really like to be left outside alone for long periods. I’m not destructive or anything, but I can cry a little bit and pace around the yard … so I’ll be waiting by the door for you to come back. I’d need someone to be with me for most of a day; I can stay home for a few hours while you run errands or go out for dinner, but I’d really prefer to know that you’re around. You can take me with you anywhere – I love travelling in the car and get excited when I know I’m going out. So, if you must go out, I’d like you to leave me some food or bones to keep me distracted for a bit. I’m not a fan of toys (maybe I’m too mature for them) so just a chewy bone will do.

One thing I’ve gotten used to doing is sleeping in a crate. I didn’t really like it in the beginning in my foster home, so I tried to escape a few times, but now it’s my safe place, and I can sleep in it all day. Before bed at night time, my foster family make sure that I’ve been to the toilet and then give me a toothbrush biscuit to put me to sleep. I really love this routine.

During the day I mainly like to sleep inside in my crate. I will take myself outside to go to the toilet or chew on a bone when I need to – providing you leave some sort of access for me. I think if I was trained to feel more comfortable outside I would spend more time out there.

Although I’m not a foodie I do go nuts for my dry puppy food and I’ll eat almost anything you give me – providing its dog friendly! My manners are good and getting better - I take food from you gently and you can even pat me when I’m eating! I also sit and stay while my food bowl is placed down for meals. I won’t even chew things lying around the house or yard or pull your washing off the line. But, if I have been naughty, I’ll probably b-line to my crate with my tails between my legs or drop down and roll over to say I’m sorry. If I want something from you – especially food – I’ll sit up on my back legs and beg for it (my foster family are suckers for this cute trick of mine).

So to summarize me, I’m a cruisy Am Staff pup who loves human’s company and hoping to find my forever home with people who’ll love me and treat me as well as my foster family have.

If I sound like your new forever fur friend, put in an application – I’d love to meet you!

Love & licks, Marley


Marley is desexed, microchipped and up to date with vaccines, flea and worm treatments.

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