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Hi my name is Mikey!

I am still just a baby but I’m growing fast! I came into foster care when I was only 4-5 weeks old after being abandoned at a vet along with another kitten who is now my foster brother, Timothy. When I first arrived, I was still quite wobbly on my feet and unsure about a lot of new things. Now I am a confident little man who isn’t really afraid of anything!

In my foster home I have grown up with a dog and a couple cats who I am super confident around. I love to rub up on the dog and sometimes (if she lets me) curl up and sleep next to her.

I absolutely love my foster brother Timothy who I have grown up with and is only a week or two older than me. We cuddle in front of the fire or on our foster mums lap together. We play chasey and wrestle all day long. We do everything together. I would definitely love it if we got adopted together! We are the best of friends and brothers.

When I’m in a new place it can take me a little while to get used to my surroundings. Same when I’m meeting new cats and dogs. I can be a bit scared/timid but once I warm up to them we’ll have heaps of fun together. I feel a lot safer and comfortable in new environments with my brother Timothy though.

A few things you should know about me, I’m not an amazing jumper. I sometimes misjudge how high the jump is and miss. Another thing is I love greeting people when they get home or when I first see them in the morning. I’ll rub against your legs and purr away. Whenever I get picked up for cuddles I go all floppy in their arms and start purring!

My foster mum is teaching me to come when she calls my name. I’m getting pretty good at it. She is also teaching me to sit on command! I’m getting pretty good at that too. I am also litter trained! My favourite toys are mouse toys, ping pong balls, the laser, wand toys and the tunnel! I’m a very happy and loving boy and I can’t wait to meet my forever family!

Mikey is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatment.

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