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Domestic Long Hair

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Señor Pablo, at your service. I’m a cheeky long-haired fella who’s only just finished my first trip around the sun and apparently I’m pretty big for my age!

I’m a boisterous boy with curiosity to burn and I will explore every inch of your house whether you want me to or not. I’m a quiet boy for the most part, but I love poking my head into the room and asking you what you’re doing “rrr?” or letting you know that something exciting is happening “nnn!”

Overall I’m not a super clingy cat, I will follow you around all day but I’d rather sit next to you than on top of you and I’m happy snoozing during the day when you’re not home.

My new family will need to be patient with me and have lots of toys and activities to keep me entertained as I’m quite intelligent and quick to learn. They will also need to be prepared to set boundaries from day dot and maintain them (apparently it’s ‘not good manners’ to try and jump in a pot of risotto – who knew?!). Other than that, I’m a pretty straight-forward cat who is partial to zoomies and always uses his litter tray.

I love other cats after I get to know them a little, so my foster family think I would enjoy having a cat friend to keep me entertained when my new family are out and about. I also adore dogs (as long as they don’t bark too much) – my greatest achievement was play-wrestling a cocker spaniel and I won, of course!

Pablo is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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