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Patch is such a good boy who always  tries hard, and never breaks the rules. He is the best friend in the world, and loves nothing more than the company of his human.

He is a big couch potato, and will just curl up and go to sleep when his human is nearby. Aside from his human, his other hobbies include eating, and going on short walks around the neighbourhood to catch up on the latest smells.

Patch’s background has left him with a generalised fear of men. He has never bitten or growled, but he does have severe panic attacks (where he shakes uncontrollably). He would love a female owner who is home most of the time.

Patch is blind in one eye due to an untreated trauma that occurred before he came to GAR. He requires daily eye drops to prevent glaucoma. He also takes daily medication for his anxiety. He is really easy to administer these too. Again, he is such a good boy.

Patch is good with other dogs, however on lead interactions can be a bit tricky. He’s become quite protective of me (his foster mum), and consequently he can be a bit dominant towards other dogs who approach us. He has been excellent with the dogs we’ve had in our house, including his foster brother Hugo (a dominant husky X Akita), & two female fosters including a puppy who decided that patch was her new mum. Despite having his nipples and other parts on his body chewed on, patch never snapped at the puppy- he gently played with her, and let her cuddle up to him and go to sleep- during the day and at night. He even pulled her from the pool once when she fell in.

Patch truly in an angel. His gentle, kind nature continues to amaze everyone, including the vet, where he has never so much as growled despite some very painful and scary visits.

He has previously lived with children and has apparently been amazing with them. He seems to trust children immediately. However, because of his  anxiety and fear of loud noises he needs a quiet home- so unfortunately, it will need to be one without young children.

Patch has a low maintenance coat, and low exercise requirements. He is very quiet, however will bark if someone comes to the house.

Patch requires a home without cats or pocket pets.

Patch is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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