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Hi potential forever families, my name is Ruby and I’m looking for home fit for the retirement of a sweet lady such as myself.

Sadly at the ripe old age of 11 I found myself an unclaimed stray in the pound. With lots of lumps and bumps, and unfortunately in pretty poorly conditioned my prospects in the pound weren’t very good.
Luckily for me though, GAR saw me and wanted to get me in tip top condition for my new forever home. My teeth have been cleaned, and my bumps have been biopsied and I’m ready to be pampered for the rest of my life!

So, you’re probably wondering about me, so I’ll give you the run down!

I’m an inside girl. I want to sit on the couch or on a comfy bed of pillows. I’ve got loads of personality for an older gal and my foster Mum and Dad think I’m very funny.

I enjoy short walks (preferably not on the beach though). I get very excited when my collar and leash come out, and do a dance around your feet until you clip me on.

I tolerate, but don’t love the car. I prefer not to be in it for too long.

I do have some separation anxiety which I am currently taking medication for. For this reason my foster Mum thinks I’m best suited to a family who is home more often than not or that has a calm dog to be my bestie. In my foster home I have a foster brother and if I am with him I am ok without people. If the people try to take him without me though I get very stressed. I pace around and try find a way to escape. My medication is about $10 a month.

I’m a foodie, so I firmly believe if I can reach it I can have it, and I have been responsible for the a few empty packets of chippies in my time in care. I’m on a Royal Canin diet, but my foster Mum & Dad add things to it to make it *fancy* because I’m no basic bitch. I enjoy the finer things in life so you won’t catch me eating just plain dog biscuits. No sir-ee!

I’m also a bit of an adventurer. If there is an open door I’ll take myself for a walk. I actually took myself up to a local gym in the first week I arrived in care and had a look around. Apparently it cost my foster Mum 10 years of her life with stress but I personally had a great time.

I’m dog selective. If a dog is too interested in me or very excited then it makes me a bit grumpy. You will need to be mindful of this when walking me. Especially if there are off leash dogs near by. As mentioned before I’m best suited to a calm dog. My foster humans have walked me with other dogs and as long as everyone is just walking and not getting too carried away I’m happy. I’m not here for any funny business guys, we’re walkin’!

As an older girl who has spent quite a bit of time in the sun. My new family will need to keep an eye out for new bumps which may pop up. Similarly they will need to keep an eye on my teeth. The vet says although some are worn, the X-rays showed the roots were in good condition and they said they didn’t want to remove them unnecessarily as they are not causing me any troubles.

It’s confirmed I have colour diluted alopecia which is condition blue Staffies sometimes get which can make them bald or sparse with fur. Now that I’m being taken care of, lots of fur has grown back, but I probably won’t ever have a full coat. I do love to be warm and cosy and my foster Mum has bought me a few things to make sure my sparse fur doesn’t hold me back. I actually love wearing jumpers and coats and these will all go with me to my new forever home.

I do like to snuggle up to you on the couch. I’m affectionate but not over the top. I definitely do like to show you that I love you though from time to time with a few kisses.

My foster Mum has pretty high standards and she says I’m a special girl who deserves someone AWESOME to love me for the rest of my life. Sooooo, if you’re not that, don’t make things errrr…. awkward, by applying.

Ruby is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and up to date with flea and worming treatments.

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