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Kelpie X Husky

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This little dude is Scully!

He has dorky ears, long legs and a loud voice but is a sweet little man who gives the best cuddles and will do anything for food! Which suits him well since he was named after Scully from Brooklyn 99.
We believe Scully is a Kelpie, Husky mix of some sort, but we aren’t 100% sure. Scully does show lots of Kelpie traits, he likes to heard small animals like birds and guinea pigs. He as an abundance of energy and he will only get more energetic as he gets older. He does also seem to have inherited the beautiful voice of a husky. He likes to sing the song of his people when left completely alone but does stop quickly, Scully is a vocal pup and likes to make all kinds of noises when playing. We think Scully will be a medium to large size dog, possibly around the 25kgs mark, maybe even smaller but we haven’t seen his parents so we have absolutely no idea.

Scully loves other dogs! He is currently in foster care with 2 other dogs and has met many others while in care. All of them ranging in size from Pomeranian to Great Dane mixes! Scully absolutely loved all of them. He can however, be too much for the smaller and older guys and doesn’t always listen when they tell him to bugger off. Scully has met a cat and was scared of him, but we think with the right dog loving cat Scully would love them. We wouldn’t recommend a home with pocket pets or birds as Scully has shown to have a high prey drive towards them, but being so young he could be trained to co-exist with them but would need an owner who has dealt with a high prey drive before.

While in foster care Scully has shown he is super eager to please and has been fairly easy to train. He is super food motivated and very smart. Scully has learnt to sit, wait, wait for his food, go in his crate when asked and is almost toilet trained. He will still have the occasional accident if left inside for too long. Scully sleeps in his crate inside from about 9:30pm until 7am with out an accident or a peep.

Being a young pup, he is destructive and will destroy beds, toys and anything you leave within reach if he is unsupervised. Scully has dug a few little holes here and there but only in soft dirt areas, he may grow out of it but he may not. Scully isn’t nippy, he barely bites and when he does, he listens when you tell him no. He will only nibble at you if you stir him up and get him playing.
In all we think the best home for Scully is with another active dog friend, a family who will keep up with his training and socialization, an active family, preferably one with kids for him to run around and play with! Do bare in mind that as he grows and gets more active really young kids might get knocked over. Scully is an easy going little dude who will make a great addition to any active family!

Scully is desexed, microchipped and kept up to date with his vaccinations, flea and worm treatments

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