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Shamrock is an energetic, charismatic, dynamo – the Grant Denyer of the cat world. Full of energy, he’s sure to brighten the day of his future family. From his enthusiasm for food, his embrace of dogs and cats alike, to his cardboard box demolitions, this kitten is full-time fun.
Shamrock will come when called, but you must use the name ‘Hans Peter Minderhoud’. We can explain to his new family!
When you do call him, he’s always pleased to see you and engage with you. He loves being picked up and shown things to boop but doesn’t often seek out a lap to curl up on. He’s much happier just being around his family and receiving scratches. Pet him and he will explode in a purr. He’s confident, seeks attention and is downright boisterous with his other 4 legged friends.
He has grown up surrounded by cats and dogs. He takes a little bit of adjustment to new household members but once acquainted, they will be buds for life.
Shamrock's ideal home will have a few furry pets to play with and he won't mind whether there's one human or five, just as long as they have plenty of time to pay him attention. Shamrock has just discovered the outdoor cat enclosure and is enjoying spending a little time outside in the fresh air every day. He has a medium length coat so regular grooming will be a must just to make sure he stays his most handsome self.
This confident kitten is just bursting with love and will be the purrfect addition to your family of pets.
Medical notes:
Shamrock has had a lot of gut issues in his tiny life and continues to have Cobalamin responsive diarrhoea. At the moment he is eating regular cat food (Royal Canin seems to work well for him) with a Cobalamin supplement sprinkled on his dinner each day. When he’s a little older if this is not something he grows out of he will likely need to be put on an elimination diet to work out what it is causing the upset.

Shamrock is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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