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Microchip #:

Hello! My name is Willow and I am just so pleased to meet you! To be honest, I'm just so happy to meet everyone. When I walk down the street I always make lots of friends, I have a big smile on my face to greet people with, sometimes they even come over and give me pats and I wag my tail so hard that my whole body wags too!
Deep down, I think I am a human, other dogs are nice and I like to meet them too, but I really love my people friends the most. I like to always be in your lap and curled up for a cuddle with you. At times I am a bit cheeky and like to be at human level by putting my paws up on the bench to see what you are up to or trying to sneak into your bed (I sometimes wake my foster parents up in the morning by coming over to their bedside and staring at them or trying to give them a kiss in the morning!). Because I'm still learning that I'm not a human, I may need some reminding in my new home that putting my paws on the bench and sneaking into a bed is not for me, though I have needed some reminding in foster care I have been quick to learn that I have a lovely bed all of my own and that I can still chat with you when sitting on the ground (not up at the bench).
I really like to be around my favourite people all the time, sometimes it can make me sad when they leave or I am put outside by myself for a little while. I can cry and will try to find a way to see you. I have been known to climb on top of tables or couches so I can see you from a window and even climb up to look over a fence for you! So it's important that I have a secure backyard and a safe place to call my own. I can get very excited when you come home and want to jump up and greet you as soon as I see you, though I am learning that jumping is not the most friendly way to greet my people and controlling my excitement to see you is difficult, I would be better suited to a home without small children or older adults that might be at risk of being knocked over when I jump up. I'm sure with some gentle reminders I will learn over time.
I have been so well behaved in foster care, I know basic commands of, sit, stay, shake hands, lay down and even beg! I love to go for walks and will wait for my lead to be put on before going to the gate. Though I have previously lived with other dogs and cats, I don't feel like I really need another sibling, another friend would be nice but I'd be quite happy at home with my favourite people. Because I need lots of love and cuddles, my perfect home would have a space for me to be an inside dog and someone home regularly. I am a very sweet and very friendly girl who wins hearts with everyone I meet and will make the perfect companion for my beautiful family. I'm really looking forward to my happily furever after with you!
Willow is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and up to date with flea and worm treatments.

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